Nuclear weapon could cause an earthquake across the globe

Arma nuclear podría causar un terremoto en todo el planeta

The whole planet will be shaken by the earthquake caused by the nuclear weapon.
For some time it has been believed that the end of the world is near, either because of the prophecies of the last century or because of the various situations that have occurred in various parts of the world. One of the beliefs that has taken a lot of strength today is that a powerful nuclear weapon could be responsible for the destruction of the earth, in fact, it is said that war will only be a prelude to all the chaos that awaits us. Recently the problems between some of the world’s powers have become very noticeable and that is extremely worrying.

The situation between the presidents of the United States and North Korea is becoming increasingly tense and there is no doubt that we will soon be in the midst of a great war, but it was an event in 2017 that caused many people, including conspirators, to claim that this great earthquake predicted in the past was about to occur.

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North Korea will use a nuclear weapon that will cause an earthquake on the planet
nuclear weapon earthquake

In September 2017, there was a 3.4 earthquake in North Korea and although it was originally believed to be a purely natural phenomenon, it turned out to be the result of one of the many nuclear tests carried out by the current president of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. This is extremely worrying because if this kind of damage occurs with a simple test, when a war breaks out, North Korea could use one of its 60 nuclear weapons and destroy much of the planet.

A nuclear weapon is capable of activating the existing volcanoes in the various territories of the planet, generating a great earthquake that passes through all the earth’s tectonic faults and, finally, causing everything from tsunamis to major hurricanes. The fate of humanity is in the hands of the powers of the world and according to the latest situations, we have little time left in which to live.