New World Order 2019


It may seem like quiet years for building the foundations of the New World Order, but in reality, humanity sits on one of the most heterogeneous life design and control structures in history. The New World Order 2019 plays one of its most decisive cards this year, with tools that have been conceived in the most cloister of the technological advances of the moment, which intend to use the market and the Internet as the only source of control of all the economic and social aspects of humanity.

Let’s talk about the New World Order 2019 as a brief stage of organic transition that will produce a change in the way in which the human being will understand everything that is going to happen in the face of the new unitary government. This movement of letters of the sects that manage the project of a new world and society will be focused on the selection of people compatible with the lifestyle that they will impose in the next decade by the hand of commerce and the market.

A new world order 2019 hand in hand with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the tools responsible for the new world order and will actively participate in the global arena in 2019. It is part of a sensory strategy that makes it possible to justify with reasons of “logic” how there are people who are necessary and others who are dispensable. In other words, we are already preparing for the extermination of the masses of humans who do not generate any conversion benefit for the markets that will dominate the cities when the new world order is established.

Brave people from literature and the seventh art have known how to warn us through their adventures, such as, for example: The Hunger Games, a utopia in which the classification of societies has turned the other states of a country into sectors of extreme poverty, creating slave workplaces for a dome of the select society in which they live with the most exaggerated opulence.

For these purposes, we have not wanted to let into our homes technological devices of all kinds that promise automation and optimization of actions of daily life that really fulfill another purpose: mental control and control of our finances.

Now we have microphones and cameras everywhere in our homes, with continuous and intuitive learning software, able to interpret everything we do and turn it into a studyable behavior for a market ready to sell you what you should buy.

All this data is already being evaluated by the first betas of behavioral software that are able to predict “the quality of humanity” of people, so that when the time comes for eradication, only those “worthy” of continuing in the process will be selected.

We wish it were just that, a simple marketing strategy to make our purchases smarter and tailored to our needs, but no, the truth is that much more than that. The plan is simple, it consists of reducing the population, to eliminate the heavy burden of those who do not contribute anything and keep “the most profitable”.

The new world order 2019 aims to enter your home this year, to control you from the most intimate to the most general, so that when the masses want to reveal themselves, they no longer have a way to escape the power of their domain, because the sects in charge of human regulation will have at hand all your personal and digital effects at their disposal. This can be from identifications, documents, registration of bank accounts and geolocation routes, private addresses and much more.

It is really impressive how the most innocent technologies, conceived to “make life easier” are really an object of control destined to make you a member of this new way of seeing the world.

United States, Russia and China together against the world?

Pop culture, contemporary history, the constant predictions made by analysts and, in general, beliefs of all kinds, tell us that the foundation stone, the first shot in a third world war, will be proposed by one of these three countries against the other two, but, by stopping for a moment at perfectly tangible variables that the behaviour of these three countries has left us this year, it has served to conclude our thoughts in this summary of the new world order 2019.

We have realized that there is a strategic alliance to lead together the new generation of humanity. An alliance that may have been unthinkable years ago, but now, despite their differences, they are coming together to obtain much more than they could individually achieve.

Not only in territory extension, but also in technological development and social control, China, Russia and the United States lead by far those who consider themselves world powers in different fields.

It is a truth that the leaders of these countries, behind the scenes and behind the scenes, understand. That is why a truce of ideologies has been defined to succumb in a commercial deal destined to make the feet of these countries, the rest of the continents, prostrate.

Each controls an essential aspect of the market

It is not a joke, in reality these three countries are capable of dominating the world together, because they have faculties that make them willing to conform that conceptual single government and keep the world profit of a market that only responds to them. But separately, they are skillful masters of the domain of the most generic elements of a project of such magnitude as the total domain of the world.

United States and social control

The crown of America has a very important responsibility in this game, thanks to the fact that it has been able to revolutionize the way in which marketing defines the path of the buyer directly to his designs.

It has been from the Silicon Valley laboratories, in which mobile devices and software tools have been modified to serve a strategy of understanding society, in such an effective way, that it has been able to rival the manual controls of many tasks of daily life.

A clear example of what the new world order 2019 wants with this, are the virtual assistants available through devices conceived for the project “the internet of things”. This consists of a range of appliances and devices capable of interpreting your daily movements within your environment.

In 2019 there is already a virtual assistant for each mobile device in the hand of a human being, with a permanent active listening, supposedly waiting to be called “Ok assistant” or “Hey assistant” followed by a specific order.

Another of the “responsibilities” of the United States is to generate divisions among allied countries and create media conflicts capable of recreating greater disputes between governments, which in the end are going to die on the road to war for the total domination of continental territories. This strategy has a very specific purpose, to create chaos and eliminate the least valuable people, reducing even in minimum percentages the populations with poverty and that do not represent the interest of the new government above the countries.

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The new world order 2019 has a very fixed north: to annihilate the way in which society understands the world, that is why even for several years and even more in this coming year, new historical precepts will serve to replace the referential pillars of the nations involved in conflicts, in order to degenerate the geopolitical vision of those countries, to eliminate borders and governmental limitations, at the same time that they build walls and divisions to close the “territories of command” of the rest of the world.

Russia and the arms market

For its part from the Kremlin the play seems to be different. The behaviour of the red president is to create a strategic alliance to develop an orderly war, selling arms left and right around the globe and justifying protection and defence of territories, when in reality it is a complex plan of arms and disarmament between nations so that they can shoot each other.

We constantly see the president of Russia making important alliances with countries like Japan, the Arab Emirates,

At the same time, the Russian leader’s discourse is modern, inclusive, mature and honest in the face of societal trends such as feminism or gender diversity that make it an understandable face of the situation led by the three countries. It is probable that while the American governor is in charge of finances, the Chinese president and his entourage will carry out the project of security and control of the market and production, the Russian will concentrate on the value of people as a society at the mercy of a single design of power conceived for the new world order 2019.

Recently, at the G20 summit, the Russian president tried to sell Argentina a floating nuclear plant, with which this South American country would be able to create its own sustainable energy.

This is yet another example of a leader capable of addressing the planet’s social and environmental issues. But also, we must take into account the warlike power that Russia has in its developments for what, at the same time, this investment of Argentina can be a weapon of massive environmental destruction that affects the continent.

It is not known until now what has happened in this regard, but surely the new world order 2019 has news about it very soon.

China and its mega ideas factory

China has been and will continue to be the largest producer of trade resources on the planet. Thanks to the fact that we have defined in the course of time a line of dependence of import and export with that country, it means that the key of the tap has them, those who are able to stop or to resume the thread of production of essential things for the life that disappear soon of the market, generating high demands between the merchants of the world to increase the prices.

It is not a crazy idea, there are already betas of that exercise in countries like Venezuela, commanded by a dictatorial government at the commercial mercy of China, with a debt with the Asian giant that not even selling all the hectares of the country could be paid. We will remember Venezuela as a country that was turned in the 21st century into a colony of a more powerful nation thanks to the foolish corruption played by its “leaders”. The steps of this decadent reality are already walking along the plains of this country, waiting for a definitive consolidation of the model of unitary government.

The control of better and worse people, first steps

Returning to the situation of China before the plan of the new world order 2019, already drawn up to be executed even since 2018, it has been known of the entrails of a complex system of qualification of citizens with which it is intended to evaluate with software of IA and cameras of great capacity, as are the feelings and to guess the steps of the people in order to determine who is better to invest or to give social benefits that include it in an active way in the activities of the economic sector completely dominated by IA.

In this way the Chinese government is already classifying human beings, to attack their terrible problems of overpopulation and determine which people are worthwhile and which are not. That is a plan to depolarize communities attractive not only to people living in China. In fact, European leaders are very interested in this plan as a definitive response to the horde of emigrants and refugees who have filled the streets of major European cities in search of a solution to their lives after the wars and conflicts taking place in the Middle East and Latin America.

Many emigrants with professional studies have known how to adapt and find a sustainable space of interest for the new world order, in countries whose demand for work and commitment to the market is very high, but there are people who flood with their cries of despair and ignorance the thousands of common shelters distributed throughout the old continent, thus representing a high cost for public administrations and even private.

The end of governments as we know them

Undoubtedly, during the advance of the new world order 2019 we will see how the speeches of the great presidents of strategic nations change shape, becoming more plural among countries and encouraging the creation of alliances that will be interpreted in the not too distant future as narrow trade unions, so much so that taxes can be forgotten.

And as people celebrate these events, the threads of the big corporations prepare to define the new way to control the world.

When’s the war?

It is estimated that there will be countries that will not agree with the new model, that will not easily succumb to becoming part of a sect that violates democracy and independence at the expense of a new economic model will stand up to defend their sovereignty.

We do not have an estimated year or date, but the truth is that this type of conflict will happen when the powers want to take possession of land from other countries, collecting favors and turning a blind eye to the agreements they have in common on freedoms and benefits of a trade that will disappear.

Honestly, the new world order 2019 does not want to alarm the community. It wants to make everything millimetrically low profile until it is impossible not to elucidate the intention of the great power that for years has been planning to take over the whole world for its commercial whims.

So if you are a person who works, saves, has a pro-marketing quality of life, who constantly consumes the benefits of the market, you could be safe, as long as you are not in the middle of a war that compromises your security. But if you are a person, who is constantly evading taxes, does not represent a tangible profit for the market, does not contribute anything to society, neither with work or being part of the educational system, then, you should be afraid, or otherwise, you will be qualified as unnecessary.

Remember, part of the plan of the new world order is to get rid of the one that is useless and if you are one of those that is not of interest, you will not be very soon on this planet, alive.

Start the discussion! Leave a comment below with your opinion. If you wish, you can express your ideas about this mega world conspiracy that aims to design a new world for us in which freedom has another meaning and peace is a product of the shelf.