From Alaska radiates a mysterious heat capable of destroying the earth


When human obsessions are intertwined like conquering space and maintaining power at all costs, anything can happen causing much damage in the process, especially when projects are undertaken whose ends are unclear and become dangerous perversions, such as the base Secret HAARP set in Alaska that is said to alter the climate and destroy the planet.

Power of the HAARP project to destroy entire countries

This dangerous American project was conceived as a climatic weapon to selectively attack countries, according to American interests and that everything looks like a natural event, has the potential to cause droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, among other calamities capable of destroying entire countries without shooting a bullet, detonate a bomb or launch a missile.

This sophisticated prototype of unconventional warfare consists in using nature as a weapon, plunging entire countries into hunger, epidemics, and other adverse situations arising from natural disasters. However, all this sinister military development can be out of the hands of American scientists causing irreparable damage to the entire planet, leading us all towards an impending global cataclysm.

The reason for this delicate statement is that it has been determined that the HAARP project can affect the radiofrequency of the ionosphere and modify the global climate with unpredictable consequences, even worse than nuclear tests. In addition, experts indicate that it can affect the electricity supply, telephone network and the human mind.

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It may seem like an ideal subject for a movie, but unfortunately this represents one of those cases where reality surpasses the fiction, because it’s the research program of active aurora of high frequency that spliced ​​to one hundred and eighty towers to radiate a trillion waves of high power, which interact on the aureal elecrojets and can become the most deadly geophysical weapon of all time.

When the idea about this project was discovered, those responsible indicated that it has no military purpose. However, there are countless studies for military use that were initially promoted as physical investigations on climate change, but the truth is that they can cause unprecedented ionization, which may already be negatively affecting certain parts of the planet.

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