Major experts and researchers in the area of ​​conspiracy, today have new critical information in connection with one of the greatest events in history, the emblematic assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK).

Recently a former American intelligence agent (CIA) named Howard Hunt confessed in his last hours of life his involvement and participation along with other agents of the organization who were closely linked to the death of the former president. And if this is not enough, Hunt confessed that the order of the mission to assassinate Kennedy arrived from the White House, more precisely of the vice president Lyndon B. Jhonson.

Howard Hunt‘s stories are full of murders and plot like a movie.

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Shortly before his death, Howard Hunt asked his son for a pen and a notebook to write down his will and to write the confession of his participation in the Kennedy assassination, and also brought to the attention of others responsible for this fact. Something interesting and that betrays a good mental health of Howard, is that he asked his son to read it and to record the confession of the document.

The recording makes very clear the direct involvement of the CIA in this operation and points directly to the vice president of that time as the main responsible or brain of the plan (Lyndon B. Jhonson).

These are the words of the will of the former CIA agent: (English).