Filmmaker Oliver Stone details John F. Kennedy’s MURDER



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Oliver Stone has some information that revealed a member of the presidential guard already retired; he revealed details about this case that’s one of those that looks like never will be solved, since people do not share the official version of the facts as there are loose ends.

According to the Daily Mail, film director Oliver Stone revealed the details of a confession about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which the aforementioned presidential guard had revealed to him before he died, the agent hid under the pseudonym of “Ron”, who told him that a companion of his own team had shot to the president.
themuseum-firstlookvideo“Ron” had contacted the director after directing the film “JFK” in 1991, where the hypothesis that Kennedy’s crime was a conspiracy carried out by the same government, so far they communicated through letters, but when the cancer-sick agent decided to see him in person and tell him the secret he had only revealed to his own son.

Going into more detail in the revelation I tried to summarize a little, we can say that a sniper belonging to the security guard in charge of securing the perimeter made the shot.

The director still has the doubt about why “Ron” decided to make these revelations, he revealed that the agent did not want money or recognition (hence his pseudonym) that only acted to have a clear conscience.

Personal Review (Research)

After researching this subject deeply I decided to investigate more about this film director, and to my surprise these revelations were made a few weeks before the next book “The Oliver Stone Experience” was put on sale, which does not detract credibility from the words but it definitely gives us stuff to think about.

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