Discover the Truths Behind the Shadow Cabinet


fictional or parallelgovernment, which will be responsible for providing a media counterweight to the decisions of the executive, so that citizens have at least two points of view or two alternatives of the same.

If something J. K. taught us. Rowling in his successful Harry Potter saga, is that behind the shadow of appearance hides countless things, animals that can be people and walls that can actually be doors to parallel worlds.



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Under this premise democracy is only a screen to give the impression that there is alternation in power and that the majorities decide, but the truth is that really transcendental decisions are made in the high council, in shadows. The government subordinates of our countries only receive orders that must be executed, giving them a personal touch and a political make-up to cause the least possible resistance in the population.


This way, when attrition becomes inevitable in the ruling elite, the government passes to another political party by means of “free and democratic elections”, but the real power remains in the same hands for centuries. Democracy is only capable of alternating between the intermediary and those who hold de facto power behind the shadows.

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