Are we governed from fear and terror?


The elite and power consider our weaknesses as human beings, they’ve used these weaknesses as a tool to consolidate power over us, we’ve allowed us to instill fear, and all kinds of ideas in our subconscious.

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Freedom is an illusion:

It is clear that we’re not free, conventional people often perceive a false sense of freedom, when in reality all they possess are small doses of pleasure in the short term. But what is freedom? Entering the philosophical plane takes us to an endless debate, but we can define freedom as a state of mind, we can think that a person calm, emotionally stable and with a high degree of consciousness about himself and his context, is really a free person (consciousness and education, is the greatest enemy of power).
In contrast, today we have people who’ve developed fear of not reaching certain levels of satisfaction because of ideas artificially induced in their mind. We’ve become aggressive, frustrated, and unstable people, usually because we don’t reach certain levels of material wealth. We live in an extremely cruel system, don’t you think? Everything good is only for a few, nothing has been developed or intended for common or collective benefit, but the whole system has been designed and developed to take a little money from the most dispossessed in order to continue in that condition. Can you imagine a world of entrepreneurs? Of course it wouldn’t work.
Haven’t you noticed the growing violent activity in humanity? Don’t you perceive violence in the streets, in traffic, in work, in sports and in every day life? Of course, the answer is yes, they’ve led us to the initial point, in which man didn’t think intelligently, but simply reacted impulsively and instinctively. Under this condition, humanity becomes cattle, docile and manageable, conformist that will only require crumbs, but will never demand dignity, education or freedom.
If you’re interested in learning more about how we are manipulated, we recommend watching the following video: