Anonymous unveils elite plan with Mars

Anonymous revela el plan que mantiene la élite mundial con Marte

Apparently, NASA’s projects to reach Mars by 2030 and SpaceX’s to reach the red planet by 2023 are not new. To be able to colonize the other planets of the Solar System has been one of the most incredible dreams of humanity, not for nothing do we see it reflected in an immense amount of science fiction stories, both in film, literature and video games. The Anonymous hacker group has possibly discovered several of the most important secrets of the U.S. space agency, including that knowledge of extraterrestrial life and, now, the possibility that Mars has been populated for years.

Anonymous unveils plan to keep world elite with Mars

Does Anonymous find out that Mars is already populated?
One of the negative points that NASA always places on Martian colonization is its atmosphere, which is mainly carbon dioxide, the surface of the planet becomes excessively cold to maintain human life and that gravity barely reaches 38% of that of the Earth. Added to this, the Martian atmosphere is equivalent to approximately 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere at sea level. This has always led experts to think that colonization of Mars by humans is impossible. So how can NASA be sure that it will send humans to the red planet in about 10 years?

According to the most famous freedom of information and anti-corruption hackativists of the entire network, Anonymous, the space agency has been secretly carrying humans to Mars for more than twenty years. This discovery adds to the thousands of testimonies from former space agency workers who have revealed the existence of human beings on the surface of the red planet. That’s why for a few years has been beginning to reveal data on the possibility of carrying humans…

Anonymous unveils plan to keep world elite with Mars

Has Anonymous revealed how NASA is perfecting the trip to Mars?
By 2007, according to scientists, there are four possible solutions for astronauts to surface. One idea was a Legged Landing System, which is based on the Lunar Lander. This system could give the option to land and take off on the Martian surface. Another option is an SLS system, or Skye-Crane landing system, that would use population systems to bring rovers and other equipment to the surface. This system can unload a cargo and take off immediately.

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The other design, which has been “discussed” was an airbag landing system, which is based on a rocket that cuts its thrust on the planet’s surface, thus a kind of airbag for the team to reach the landing. But according to experts, this system is not the most appropriate. Finally, scientists have recommended a Touchdown Sensing. The equipment detects the surface and the landing site and compensates accordingly.

However, NASA has been so “hardworking” on this issue that it has managed to perfect the landing without even landing on Mars. Ten years after the first possible solutions, new manned missions have been postulated to land on Mars. Richard McGuire Davis, Assistant Director of Science and Exploration and co-leader of NASA’s Mars Human Landing Site Study, crew members will need to dive deeper into the Martian atmosphere and border closer to the surface than has been done in the past because the Mars atmosphere is much thicker the closer it is to the surface.

Anonymous unveils plan to keep world elite with Mars

The world elite will destroy the world and then leave us to our fate.
How is it possible that all these details are known if a manned vessel has never been sent to Mars? It is that not even a spaceship has been sent apart from the rovers with which to study this type of landings.

All this experience has been obtained thanks to the almost twenty years that NASA has been sending manned trips to Mars, with which it has been studying all the pros and cons that exist of sending humans to the red planet. According to Anonymous, the only goal of this crew is to safeguard the world’s elite in the near future, when planet Earth is completely “dry” and all its resources have been consumed. At that point, life on the planet will no longer be sustainable.