All you have to do to be an Illuminati


This could be one of the most frequently asked questions of the general public, however the answer is: Nothing. Actually there’s nothing that you can do to belong to this select sect, since they have us all investigated and if you had the profile to be part of your organization as an active member, surely they would’ve tried to recruit you according to the following factors that are taken in account for them.
What is the profile of those who are part of the Illuminati?
Most of the members of this sect are confidential, they could be artists, politicians, businessmen, i.e. public figures who keep out of the reach of the media and people this dark secret, not necessarily because they feel ashamed for this reason, but rather for strategic purposes.
The Illuminati represent an eminently hermetic grouping and the least we imagine, those who show a popular and pious appearance before the public could be members of the mentioned sect or at least active collaborators in their perverse causes.
Due to the hermetism that characterizes it, the majority of the members of this lodge have been since they were born, they’ve received their position within the organization as a family inheritance that could even have been transmitted for several generations and in some cases not all in the same family know it, but only the chosen ones.
It’s not enough to have money and be part of a certain family to obtain the membership of this select lodge coveted by many, it’s also necessary to show certain skills and attitudes that demonstrate that the candidate is worthy of belonging to the group and above all that can be usefulness in their unhealthy projects.
In this sense, the lodge demands from its potential members some genetic superiority, that they’re heirs of a pure lineage of renowned and respected families. As well as a certain intellectual level, i.e. the Illuminati possess strict standards for measuring the IQ, and those who don’t conform to those requirements are simply not taken into account.
Initially, the lodge demands from its members that they have adequate connections, which could eventually become areas of influence of the sect. Likewise its members should preferably be charismatic and loved by the common citizen, as well as from time to time practice philanthropic actions to show their more “kind” side.
On the other hand there are also those who aren’t full members of the organization, but conscious or not they provide a necessary service to it and if they demonstrate certain capabilities, standing out brilliantly in some field key to the interests of the lodge, can be summoned in a subliminal and suggestive to be part of it.
What are the Illuminati dedicated to?
The supreme mission of the members of this Masonic sect is to raise their being in an integral way (body, mind and soul), to be worthy to transcend from this world to the perfect society that they have to raise through their twisted methods and dark designs.
To achieve this purpose of life the Illuminati have spent two centuries to hold positions of global relevance, in order to influence and in some cases to impose their criteria in the decision-making process of the world powers, as well as devote great part of their efforts to amass fortunes and store information, since in the game of thrones information is power.
Within the specific objective of accumulating all possible information, the Illuminati have put a lot of effort in controlling the mass media, that is to say, those who are in charge of the major television channels worldwide are members of the lodge, that’s why we see that the administration of this industry is divided among a few families that have erected a communicational hegemony that serves their interests.
After reading this interesting article you can discard the idea of sending your resume to be analyzed by the Illuminati, because you’re already aware that it’s they who contact their potential members if they see something in them that interests them.
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