4 Amazing parallels of the House of Cards series with Reality


Series and films have always been a subliminal method to teach a hidden reality, a way of explaining many current events, which often go unnoticed by the majority, but detected by a more conscious and alert minority. The popular series have managed to convey to the masses speculations of a reality that we all imagine is very likely, but we can’t confirm. We live by believing the idea that there’s a politician with power doing the right thing for our benefit, that our democratic decisions are an authentic act of freedom, where we can decide and draw our own destiny. The fact is that our destiny has been established and premeditated since long before, the destiny of humanity is in the hands of an extremely small group of people, and the illusion of voting is only a control method.

In the series of fiction but on the verge of reality called ‘House of Cards’ is perfectly represented the Machiavellian idea of how the world we’ve created really works and how we were and are deliberately manipulated, with the purpose of enriching and giving power to the elites who seek their own benefit.

Below are some of the parallels founds with reality, please if you haven’t yet seen the series, consider that this information could mean “spoiler” so we don’t recommend reading this article until you finish watching it.

1- Power is not in the people, nor in the president, this figure is a simple puppet, which works under the excessive influence of large financial institutions, such as corporations and multinationals. This condition is CURRENTLY operating.

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2- Everything important that’s virtually exposed in the official media is imprecise and manipulated information, it isn’t news that the press is influenced by politics, but it’s important to recognize that the news has a more complex background than the available information, usually the most shocking news are deliberately used as a screen in order to conceal or cover up really important and compromising issues.

3- Fear and terrorism as a political resource: It seems a fashionable trend, a “political fashion” to use the arguments of Islamic or fundamentalist terroris, in order to lead humanity or a particular region to a war. Strategies of regional destabilization are clear financial strategies whose purpose is to demotivate commercial zones between major powers, in order to always favor a particular economic group or country. The current destabilization of Syria is a clear example; its purpose is to inhibit any type of economic enterprise in the region.

4- Privacy does not exist, this is clearly reflected in the series, but above all in reality, governments and government agencies take advantage of legal loopholes or even in many cases violate the rights of any country or civilian person, deliberately spying on anyone. This reality has been confirmed by the leaks of Edward Snowden, in relation to the espionage actions carried out by NASA.