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Horror Videos and Real Paranormal Phenomena
In this section you’ll find horror videos and events that link the phenomena studied with paranormal creatures or beings imperceptible by our five senses. Entities or ghosts are one of the scientifically inexplicable beings. When we speak of a ghost, we refer to what comes off the body of a particular being when he has died.

Parapsychology: Investigation of paranormal phenomena through scientific methods.

It should be noted that it is a field that doesn’t receive scientific support, since it studies phenomena that have no demonstrable explanation by scientific methods; however we want to mention that the fact that the conclusions obtained from these studies don’t receive community support doesn’t mean that studies cannot be carried out through scientific research.

Possession: Possession consists in the capture by a spirit so that it’s transformed in the physical body controller of a person or object and the own conscience of the possessed person (in case it’s a person) is annulled, so you can’t control emotions, movements, and knowledge itself. In case the subject is possessed, such as Annabelle, which is a real story that tells the story of a doll owned by its former owner who died in unjust circumstances, and makes pay the culprits with possession phenomena and poltergeist.
Horror videos
The distinctive feature of horror videos is their ability to shake the audience because of the panic with which they often react to them. For many fans of this genre it’s only science fiction material, however there have been many cases where it was apparently just a scary video that ends up being for the viewer a real experience where he happens to live scenes having all kinds of paranormal manifestations.

Typical reactions that cause all good horror videos

The essential aim of any horror video is to cause fear, if any such multimedia content doesn’t panic its audience then it is simply useless and has no reason to be. So people who engage in this kind of productions often become excellent connoisseurs of the human mind to implement the most effective ways of provoking panic reactions that are expressed with emotional and physiological manifestations.

Horror videos can be professional or amateur, having been produced in a sophisticated studio or in a house among friends, the determining factor is the kind of reaction that they’re capable of causing in their audience. If they produce panic, paranoia, nightmares and make each other crap over, surely is a video in which you can’t stop thinking for a while but it’ll have been worth enjoying if you love this kind of productions.

Frequent elements in the horror videos

Each day the production of this type of videos increases in quality and quantity, resulting from the rise of clever authors who’ve become experts in the art of cultivating fear, for this they’re increasingly relying on technology adding shocking special effects to their productions, but the best ones know how to use this resource in due measure with the right care not to turn a horror video into a bad fantasy production.

Among the different types of horror videos that appear on the web, zombies and vampires have been a recent trend by the youth audience. We’ve recently received the testimony of many young people who claim to have had paranormal connections with this kind of creatures, and some others feel so identified that they acquire the typical behavior of these beings and act as if they were one of them.

Other classic manifestations that are common in most homemade scary videos (which are usually the most real) are the capture of spiritual entities that are suddenly reflected in a mirror. We have also appreciated the typical scene of the car without driver caught by chance by the lens of urban surveillance cameras or the doll that comes to life and begins to terrify those who are around.

We can’t fail to mention the awesome horror videos usually performed by children who to satisfy their curiosity, experiment with spiritist games like Ouija and end up being possessed by unknown spiritual entities, some of which find easy access given the pure and innocent children’s soul, many times when the demon refuses to retire has been necessary a strenuous exorcism that doesn’t always achieve the desired result and the spirit takes other members of the family or even pets. It’s remarkable that on several occasions these events have been recorded and published for the enjoyment of lovers of horror videos.

We invite you to share with our audience your paranormal experiences as a witness of this type of videos and to spread this article in your social networks so that your friends also get excited.


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