or Unidentified Flying Objects exist since immemorial times on our planet, our ancestors have left many clues and signs that extraterrestrial beings already made contact with ancient human civilizations.
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The most common definition attributed to an unidentified flying object or UFO, is any flying object or phenomenon that an observer fails to identify. There are many studies that say that after researches on UFOs the results generally show that they’re conventional objects, quickly becoming identified objects. Therefore, some more rigid definitions separate the "UFO" label only for those cases that possess a high level of complexity and strangeness, being still incomprehensible after an appropriate investigation.

Ufology is responsible for the study of UFO observations (unidentified flying objects) and related phenomena. It’s mainly based on testimonials and also has photographs, videos, radar detection data or data of measuring instruments or footprints on the ground.

Due to difficulties obtaining reliable and easily accessible data for researchers and inquisitors, ufology is considered a pseudoscience by most of the scientific community and particularly criticized by skeptics.

The ufology appeared after World War II after the observation of Kennet Arnold (1947), which allowed the journalist Bill Bequette to create the term flying saucer based on the definition of the object made by Arnold. Other cases, such as Maury Island (which turned out to be fraud), the sighting of Lieutenant Gorman or the death of Captain Mantell, whose plane crashed after a UFO, helped to take these mysterious sightings seriously.

Over the years scientists have become increasingly interested in UFOs. Two trends emerged: on the one hand the skeptics, who would follow the methodology and conclusions of the Condom report, which consider that there’s no proof of weight to support the extraterrestrial hypothesis; and on the other hand the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) supporters who tried to provide evidence that the extraterrestrial is the best explanatory hypothesis.

Ufologists believe that there’s still no explanation for the UFO phenomenon, although most of them are inclined to ETH. Scientists participating in the contemporary skeptical movement consider that the set of observations can be reduced to prosaic elements: following this idea, all observations are explained by confusion or fraud.

Roswell's Ovni Incident has to do with the recovery of an object that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947, and which was supposed to be an alien spacecraft with alien occupants.

By the end of the seventies, the incident has been the subject of a great controversy full of conspiracy theories about the truth of the object that crashed. The United States Army maintains that what they recovered was, in fact, the remains of an experimental altitude probe balloon belonging to a secret program called "Mogul"; however, many supporters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis maintain that the one that crashed was really an alien spacecraft, that the occupants were captured and that the military cover up the facts. The incident has become a pop culture phenomenon and has made the Roswell name synonymous with UFOs. It’s considered the most popular and controversial of all alleged UFO incidents.

By 1978, the Roswell case still had little attention, but after UFO researchers Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore compared the results of a series of interviews each had separately conducted, the case had a great repercussion.

The Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, although he was not a direct witness, has also repeatedly stated that Roswell was a true alien-related incident, relying on the stories of his high level acquaintances within the government. "I could see the secret UFO files and there is no doubt that they made contact with the aliens." This astronaut also believes that there’s a parallel and independent government organization inside the government that conducts experiments with extraterrestrial technology and for that reason can’t make public all these incidents. Today, the former astronaut hasn’t provided any evidence to corroborate his claims.

For many ufologists, the Roswell incident was regarded as one of the most important ufological cases and to opening up cover-ups, whereas for skeptics it’s only the most popular case. Since 2005 the official position of the United States government is that nothing paranormal or extraterrestrial nature had taken place. The Air Force's final report on the Roswell case is available, as well as the response to this report by ufologists who insist that the report is false.

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