The Nazis built weapons with supernatural power


It is a fact that science usually advances rapidly in times of war, specifically in the production of warlike materials, which in many cases are then adapted for everyday use and even domestic. In this sense, it’s not surprising that in a conflict of such magnitude as World War II, scientists working for the opposing powers were used in depth, achieving important technological advances that would be implemented to take advantage on the battlefield, however, what’s done by the Nazis goes much further than expected in these cases, since they managed to build weapons with supernatural power of mass destruction.

The war of the super labs

It is normal that in thinking of World War II we imagine planes, troops, bombings, concentration camps, among other elements characteristic of that armed combat, nevertheless, incredible as it seems this conflict wasn’t settled on the battlefield, because what really was decisive occurred behind the scenes, in the super laboratories designed for the production of weapons with a supernatural destructive power.

Although it’s hard for us to recognize it, it’s a fact that the Nazis exploited human potential at its best, breaking all paradigms and natural barriers in the making, for example, missiles that traveled at the speed of light, aircraft that broke the barrier of the speed of sound and became invisible as the captain considered, among other unimaginable advances that were made with 100% intelligence and human labor.

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It’s well known by all that in its beginnings this war was perceived by the American public opinion as a purely European conflict, so that the US didn’t intervene in the first stage of it, a situation that the German army used very well for literally massacring Europe and embarking on Jewish extermination.

In the face of the advance of Third Reich forces based on their fascinating miraculous weapons, some of which fired lasers or caused natural catastrophes, the democratic nations of Europe had no choice but to surrender unconditionally.

The United States would be the only force capable of stopping the overwhelming Nazi rule and only because years before they had prepared for this contingency, establishing alliances with alien powers and installing a super advanced laboratory on the dark side of the moon.

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