The most powerful nuclear weapon held by North Korea


One of the things that has been gaining attention in recent years is the tension between countries at both ends of the world, especially between North Korea and the United States. One of these tensions is the repeated threats by the North Korean government to the US ranging from making a vile carrier to overshadowing the US nation. They are said to have created the nuclear weapon capable of wiping out America.

Researchers say North Korea has a nuclear weapon that will destroy the world
Threats from the North Koreans have been increasing since President Donald Trump’s order to send aircraft carriers into North Korean waters. One of the threats was communicated by the now Spanish special delegate of North Korea, who stated that the country has an arsenal of nuclear weapons headed by the H bomb. He assured that four of them are enough to put an end to the entire world and although he acknowledged that the United States has more missiles than they said that the power of North Korea’s arsenal surpasses it.

This country is claiming its status as a nuclear power, experts are seeking to obtain a nuclear or atomic weapon. It is suspected that the country already has several bombs. In recent years, several nuclear tests have been carried out on miniatures of these weapons, and the Communist regime has been working on missiles for more than 30 years.

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Last year they were successful in launching the 1-3 rocket that managed to put a satellite into orbit that could reach America.

North Korea will actually be able to destroy the world with its nuclear weapon.
Hydrogen bombs or thermodynamic bombs are much more powerful than those used in Hiroshima, but will North Korea really have this weapon in its possession? Perhaps a very difficult question to answer.

Some scientists say that the country does not have the capacity to develop a hydrogen pump, it was said to be practically impossible. According to U.S. intelligence, in 2016, seismic activity was detected on the Korean peninsula in the vicinity of a nuclear test zone; but were these earthquakes an atomic bomb or a hydrogen bomb? This is where I am not entirely clear, as the earthquakes detected are similar to those that occurred with the previous tests in 2013 and slightly higher than those of 2006 and 2009.

There are certainly many expectations. But it has to be made clear that North Korea has done great tests in the last 11 years. The bombs seem to be stronger than the last one. Tension continues and President Donald Trump threatens to completely destroy the country by alerting the entire world, when will it happen?