The escape from Alcatraz prison, a myth that astonishes the planet


The history that envelops our planet is full of mysteries and enigmas that today and with all the technology that surrounds us, have been impossible to answer. Many associate with magic and illusions when they mention the word “escapist”, however, there are some characters who were at points in history that did not need magic or illusions and only with ingenuity, patience and determination, could escape the impossible.

The escape from Alcatraz prison is, almost 60 years later, one of the greatest mysteries in the history of humanity and the planet. Many historians and police specialists have been studying the case for years, trying to decipher whether they really succeeded or died in the attempt, and that is that, despite having begun a relentless search just hours after discovering it, no one was able to locate, living or dead, the three men who achieved the feat of escaping from Alcatraz prison.

The escape from Alcatraz prison, a living enigma of the planet.
In 63, Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin achieved what seemed impossible for mankind. Escape from Alcatraz prison.

Alcatraz housed prisoners who were considered the most dangerous to the nation, not only because of their violence, but because of what could affect the nation itself. That was the case with Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers. None of the three were dangerous to the citizenry, they were dangerous to the U.S. economy, as they were big bank robbers.

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In addition to being surrounded by the sea, the prison had the most fortified security system in the country, with restrictive schedules and everything was meticulously guarded by the guards who were behind the prisoners day and night. That’s why the world was amazed when they realized that with spoons, they dug a tunnel wide enough to take them to the prison’s plumbing system and built an inflatable raft with waterproof vests, thread and glue and that it was inflated with a manual air pump made of an accordion-like instrument.

What seemed to be a maneuver of cunning, perseverance and dedication worthy of admiration later became a subject of uncertainty, as everyone was waiting for the bodies of the prisoners to be found on the bottom of the sea and in the stomach of some shark, but the bodies of Frank, Clarence and John were never found and today, it is not known what really happened.

Were they able to escape from Alcatraz, the toughest one on the planet?
The Alcatraz prison was located on the island of the same name in the middle of San Francisco Bay. The locals call it “the rock” because it is just a set of cliffs and solidified rocks surrounded by the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is also 18 kilometres from the island to the bay, so it seems impossible that anyone would be able to cross it.

So how did three people do it on a handmade raft? Many historians claim that they did not, but those who claim that they did, some claim that they could not do it alone and that, perhaps, there were external organizations that helped the prisoners escape.

Be that as it may, you’ll never really know what happened after Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin escaped from Alcatraz jail one night in 1963.