Recognized psychic affirms that World War III is about to begin


The most reputed and conspicuous conspiracy theorists argue that World War III has already begun and at this very moment is being fought in various scenarios of unconventional war, but it could still be from the beginning much more dangerous and lethal than the previous ones. However, the psychic Horacio Villegas who is known by the people as the “messenger of God” and who was the same who predicted the victory of Donald Trump against all odds, went much further in his predictions in which he raises that by the end of 2017 the world will be completely plunged into a bloody armed conflict that threatens to end life on the planet.

The key element for universal war

Psiquico predice la tercera guerra mundial

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Over the past five decades there have been countless moments of global tension in which planetary peace has been seriously threatened; however, the criteria attached to synderesis and common sense have been imposed to avoid a conflict of universal magnitudes.

On this occasion the outcome of World War III is imminent and there seems to be nothing to stop it, since the new president of the United States is the key element that will provoke this conflict, since he’s a hybrid half human half alien and therefore has achieved an unbeatable position of power from where he has to launch the destructive project of his extraterrestrial progenitors for which he works, allied with Illuminati mafias.

Due to the various factors of power involved in this military diatribe, it is foreseeable that the third world war reaches the category of universal conflict transcending the limits of the terrestrial biosphere, for this reason the psychic Horacio Villegas also observed the vision of falling fireballs from heaven to Earth, which seems to indicate that our planet will be the victim of attacks and space invasions by alien races that aim to kill humanity.


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