Photographic evidence: travelers in time are a reality


Actually, time travel is a recurring topic in the scientific community, in the movies, and in youth conversations among friends who fantasize about this possibility. But, how reasonable could be the expectations of someone who intends to travel in time? Will this topic never transcend fiction to be a real possibility? Below we show some photographic evidence that could indicate that travelers in time have been a reality for many years.

A hipster in the 1940s The photo of this young Canadian man dates back to 1941, but the surprising thing is that he seems dressed according to the fashion used by any boy of the 21st century, he wears sunglasses as used in our times and owns a high-tech portable photo camera, when we know that at that time cameras were giant boxes that couldn’t be easily moved. Government agents infiltrated in social networks and media have sought to explain the image, indicating that the clothing worn by the young man was a type of urban fashion that was the precursor of the current hipster style, since fashions are cyclical and they repeat with certain variations from time to time.

As they indicated that what looks like a polaroid camera is actually a silver garment, although what’s in view doesn’t require so many explanations, so look and judge yourself, we’re convinced that something is intended to hide and even more taking in account that the image disappeared of the social networks and later was published again with notable signs of having gone through the Photoshop.

An iPhone in the film Fort Apache This movie was filmed in 1948 and it wasn’t a futuristic science fiction film or anything like that, but a conventional story set with carriages, horses, and clothing of the time. Nevertheless the discordant element that calls our attention, in which in one of the scenes the protagonist analyzes a map in what seems to be the GPS of his iPhone.

This curious fact gave rise to conjectures of all kinds, most of which aimed at time travel, although as always thereafter arose from the elites to “explain” that it was a very old film, whose images already were distorted by what looks like an iPhone and is actually a small black notebook, in which the protagonist analyzed his route.

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The lady of the cell phone in 1938 In this famous image you can see a lady talking on a cell phone in the street, and there’s nothing strange so far. The surprising thing arises when we take into account the date in which the photograph was captured, no less than 80 years ago. Did you travel in time, distorted the image or are we seeing wrong? Time later the supposed granddaughter of the lady of the cell phone came to the fore, explaining that her grandmother was deaf and what apparently looks like a cell phone is actually a hearing aid, which were already coming to market at the time. We don’t know how true her words may be or if she’s actually a government agent or was pressured by them, what we are certain is that something in this image looks very strange.

Time-travelers working in Hollywood Time-travelers working in Hollywood not only appear in fiction films, since recently have been published some striking images of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage that were taken in the nineteenth century. How do these contemporary stars appear in those photographs of 200 years ago? Will it be a clone, someone very alike to them or are we seeing wrong? We’ll see how the government henchmen compose this setback; we’re still waiting for your creative explanations.

Everything indicates that time travel has been a reality for a long time, at least since the time of Nikola Tesla, who was a usual traveler of the time and who left remarkable advances in that material. However, this is information that must be treated with great care and partly we understand the role of the authorities in this matter, because if this knowledge were to fall into the wrong hands, could create a complete global cataclysm by altering the line of succession of events in time.