North Korea has activated missile launch, has World War III started?


When the first and second world war occurred in the middle of the last century, the United States had a monopoly on relations with the extraterrestrial world, however, today we live a diametrically different reality since the countries that make up the so-called axis of evil, headed by Russia and China, in recent years they’ve also been able to establish alliances with certain alien powers with which they have an affinity for their interests and ideologies, so they’ve conspired to carry out a project of destruction of our planet because of the World War III, which could begin with the launch of missiles activated by North Korea.

North Korea missiles pose greatest threat to the Western world

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While most Europeans and Americans are alert to the actions and threats of the Islamic State, which is actually an organization formed and financed by the Pentagon, they’ve guard down against the real danger represented by Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea, who is in fact an alien representative transfigured in human form, with the aim of guaranteeing the success of the destructive projects that the members of his race have planned for the Earth.

Kim Jong-un is an individual who lacks all humanity beyond his physical appearance, so he’s the highest emissary sent by dark forces of the universe, for the single purpose of inflicting the greatest possible harm on human beings, then leading them to the final massive destruction event represented by World War III, which they’ve already begun to provoke by the launching of missiles by North Korea.

It’s noteworthy that among extraterrestrial societies the US is recognized as the head of human civilization, and therefore represents a primary war objective for the hosts of evil, who could very soon be directing their missiles from North Korea to US territory, in order to exterminate humanity starting with the head.

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