Joker mental game that has the power to make you doubt your convictions


The Joker best known in Hispano-America as the Guasón, is a twisted fictional character who has managed to convert in the most popular villain in the world thanks to his powerful mental game, expert in manipulation and deception tactics which have been useful in many occasions to turn the public on his side, showing them the facts from his point of view, in which his brutal methods seem to be justified by a just cause, so the end justifies the means.

Origin of The Joker

We all know the malevolent and criminal side of this character but very few know his origins and motivations, we warn you that reading this article can make you completely change the perception you have of the evil Joker, with whom you could even have more things in common of those you imagine.

Before becoming the Joker, this gentleman was an ordinary person as shown by the film called “The killer joke“, who had to experience in his own flesh the cruelest side of life, opening his eyes and understanding the reality of the unlimited evil of men.

So this character wasn’t always the anarchist psychopath we all know, but rather an individual like any of us who had a family, respected the rules and paid taxes; however, finding himself in the middle of a family financial crisis and trying to make a living as a comedian, an event occurred that would change his life forever.

One day of his miserable life the Joker lost his wife in an accident, and he was also expecting his child. When he was going through the initial reaction of despair and depression, he suddenly found himself in the middle of a bad men group who forced him to commit a crime, in the middle of which he fell into a pit of acid that disfigured his face, causing the agony and resentment of the man who from that moment happened to become the fearsome Joker.

The deep Joker philosophy that can shake your convictions

It’s reasonable for most to think that the Joker is simply a madman with a chaotic mentality, who just wants to see the world burn. Still, a brief reflection on your reasoning and philosophy of life will allow you to realize that he’s much more than that, and also you could share many ideas in common with him.

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The Joker is perhaps the living expression of the demon that we all have repressed inside our being that if we haven’t let it act until now it’s just because we haven’t had the opportunity. For this mythical character of the comics life is nothing but a bad joke, in which the man is bad by nature and only hides his badness under a false mantle of civility and sometimes even of false appearance of goodness.

He identifies himself as an agent of chaos considering that it’s the natural state of things, anarchy is perfection for him. All the established order is nothing more than the disfigurement of the true human nature operated by our leaders to exercise power with tranquility, with which they make atrocities worse than those made by the Joker but more disguised.

The mission of life that has been raised by the Joker is to highlight the true human nature and deviations of those who call themselves leaders of a civilized society, but actually behind their faces are a pack of wolves devouring each other because of greed and power ambition.

Which means that the Joker’s reasons for abandoning social rules are deeper than the argument of his alleged dementia, in fact he wants to show that these rules are merely the conditions of submission of the majority to a small oligarchic minority who takes everything, protected by a supposed legality tailored to their interests.



His intentions are that everyone, including Batman, open our eyes about reality, that we are just like him although we express ourselves through different methods, we just need someone to annoy us enough or have the opportunity to take advantage of to bring out the worst of us, is a philosophy based on the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, which makes the Joker one of the most profound characters in history.

For the Joker moral and ethics are a farce, and to prove his point has been set as a purpose for Batman to kill him, an objective that finally seems to have achieved.

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