Fallen Angels knows the 14 most powerful. Do they still exist?

fallen angels

The fallen angels are known in the biblical texts as the soldiers and messengers of God the Father, in fact, if we take into account their definition the word Angel has a Greek origin, which means “messenger”. In the sacred scriptures the history of God’s army is recorded, those who were given the task of caring for humans and combating any evil forces that might exist in the universe. Angels have different classifications, there are Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Guardians and those who at the time dared challenge God himself, these were called fallen angels.

Ángel caído real
Ángel caído real

There is not much information about fallen angels precisely because the sacred texts tell us extensively about these deities who were originally part of the divine army and who, after their altruistic and sinful desires, were banished from heaven, hence their name as fallen angels. In Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 we find the story of Lucifer, one of the most beautiful and intelligent angels that could exist in the kingdom of God and leader of all angelic hierarchies. His name means Lucifer, son of the dawn, the one with an unattainable brightness.

Because of his intelligence, insight, and matchless beauty, Lucifer had the unconditional support of many angels. As the years went by, he was filled with greed and vanity, he became the first Narcissus in the world and in the midst of his banal thoughts, he came to believe that he was superior to God. Lucifer said that he himself would build his throne above the stars, govern all of God’s creation, and everyone would recognize him as a ruler. His ambition increased and every statement was heard by the Father of all and his subjects, thus causing a war between angels.

Being the leader of the angels, many were in their favor and decided to fight against their own brothers to fulfill the will of their superior, were about 200 angels who fought until the end of the war that, by numbers and wills, won the heavenly troops. It was Michael the Archangel who gave the cry of love to silence the banal words of Lucifer, it was he, with his sword, who gave the final blow and ended a celestial war. According to the sacred scriptures, St. Michael said: “Who but God can impose his will? No one can equal our father. Who else will govern his own creation?”

When the war came to an end, God banished Lucifer and the angels who were loyal to him, plucked off their wings and sent them to the earth, condemning them to wander the earth for all eternity, so that they are generally regarded as wretched creatures, because they do not have God’s grace. St. Michael said to Lucifer: “Look now, you who shone above the others, son of the dawn, you have fallen into the abyss. You said that your kingdom would be above the heavenly throne, that you would reign better than the Most High, you, king of nations, have fallen to the lowest due to greed and self-centeredness.

After those words, God, St. Michael and the rest of the angels referred to Lucifer as Satan. This word means opposition, deviation, seduction to evil and Devil. It is said that God created hell later for them to serve their sentence, however, it is not something 100% verifiable because in the ancient scriptures it speaks of Lucifer and the other angels fallen free on earth, doing theirs and trying to dirty the divine creation to prevent the birth of the messiah.

What were the plans of the angels on earth?
After their defeat in the kingdom of heaven. Satan and his lackeys descended to earth and although their wings had been plucked, they still had their gifts as divine angels and were able to use them in their favor to create bodies more like them. Satan, after seeing the last divine creation, humans, decided to tempt it in the worst way, because only in this way could he prevent the son of God from coming to earth and taking away from him the kingdom he intended to create, so, with thoughts more evil than before, he became a serpent.

Completely transformed, he went directly to Eve and tempted her to take the forbidden fruit, then she went to Adam to consummate a sin that would drive them out of Eden. When God realized what was happening, He went directly to Satan, turned into a serpent, and condemned him to crawl on the earth in such a way. He gave him wings very similar to those of a bat with the same size as the previous ones, chunks and a terrifying face, taking away from him once and for all the beauty that characterized him.

For Satan this had been the worst punishment ever received, and from there began a process of damaging all the good that God had created. As time passed, humans began to have offspring, and their daughters were so beautiful that they did not go unnoticed by the fallen angels, so both Satan and his followers seduced them into having sex with them and procreating children who would later be called Nephilim, hybrids that at first glance seemed human, but had angelic strength, skill, and beauty. The Nephilim were considered the most evil subjects on earth.

But beyond the attraction that fallen angels came to feel for human beings, their main plan was to defile the divine creation, to make no woman worthy to bring into the world the Son of God, the Messiah. If they seduced every woman who dwelt on the earth and made them commit sins, none would have purity, and therefore, there would be no possibility of the Messiah coming to decontaminate the world from the evil which they themselves had been charged to propagate.

However, they did not expect that God would command a flood that would destroy the children of these fallen angels and every sinner that abounded on earth, and though these angels were immortal and later sowed greed, lust, self-centeredness, and evil in the humans who repopulated the earth, they also did not have in mind that a woman would reject every insinuation and be worthy to bring into the world Jesus, son of God the Father Almighty and the One who would save mankind from all its sins.

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Are angels demons?
It can be very cumbersome to answer this common question, because the most famous scriptures and legends do not clearly specify the fate of fallen angels. While Judas verse 6 speaks of underground, dark prisons that were created only for angels who dared to battle Satan against God, the Bible as a whole mentions that God created hell so that the devil and his subjects would burn with eternal fire, but they were never called demons, at least not by the father of all.

But there are many disputes regarding the condemnation of fallen angels. Although it is said that after losing the angelic war God sent them to underground jails, history shows us another side of the coin, tells us about their wanderings on earth, which shows us that they were free and at ease in the world. There is a theory that fallen angels are not demons, but they were responsible for creating them. How is this possible?

The fallen angels created hybrids that spread evil through the earth and unlike these, the Nephilim were not really immortal, they could live longer than humans, yes, but eventually they had to die. They could not enter the kingdom of heaven, their evil and sins committed with humans were too many and sincerely, the Nephilim had no intention of redeeming themselves or repenting, so God decided to send them to be burned in eternal fire, that is, hell and the same would happen to every person who decided to follow the path of evil.

Evil is not extinguished, it multiplies and when you have led a life of sin, after death there is not much to do. Satan would have made a very attractive proposal to those who came to hell: They would serve for him and in exchange for their loyalty, would allow them to return to earth, possess humans and make them sin until the gates of heaven are closed to them after death. All things considered, fallen angels are not demons, but their actions caused sinners to become what we fear, the descendants and faithful followers of the devil.

The fallen angels known throughout history
Although there were at least 200 fallen angels who decided to follow Lucifer’s path, not all were so prominent. Lucifer is the most renowned fallen angel, the one that everyone knows and fears, however, angels like Metistofeles and Azazel also had their leading role in history.

Lucifer: Known for being the rebel of God, of great beauty and supreme intelligence, he was the leader of the angels and after his exile, he proclaimed himself King of Darkness.
Metisthythepheles: This angel never took God seriously, did not give him the respect that all offered to the creator of everything existing and that was the main reason why he was expelled. His name means darkness and we speak literally because according to the sacred writings, he flees from the light. Metistófeles is Lucifer’s right hand and his main task is to search for souls on earth to lead them to hell. It is often found in the masses who do not believe in God or seduce those whose faith is in decline.
The Grigori: Although the Bible does not give them a name, in reality these were the angels who seduced the first daughters of humans to procreate the Nephilim. They were the greatest group of angels to challenge God and generate so much fury in Him that He sent the flood to exterminate the hybrids that went against His divine creation.
Belial: Many know him as the angel Belhor, he is considered the most greedy of the fallen angels, his actions are totally corrupt and he mentions himself as the prince of eternal fire.
Kasyade: This was the angel with whom humans communicated most, in fact, is remembered for being the one who taught them about the existence of spirituality and the importance it has for everyone in the world. Kasyade made all humans believe that they had the same importance as God.
Penemue: Considered the angel of deception, he was the one who taught the first humans to lie and disobey the orders of the elders. He believed that no one would notice his actions, but God did and banished him from the kingdom of heaven.
Gadrel: According to history, this was the third angel who was influenced by Lucifer. He is known to be the angel of death, taught the rest of the angels to be as skilled in the sword as he was, and pushed them to use it against their own brothers to start the war.
Kesabel: This angel faithfully thought that humans were inferior to them and did not deserve their worship. He was the second to follow Lucifer in the war and the one who proposed to have sexual relations with humans, so that the coming of the Messiah into the world could be avoided.
Yekun: Together with Lucifer, he seduced all the angels who were within his reach and, when he was expelled, he was in charge of teaching humanity the language through signs, writing and reading.
Samyaza: He is the leader of more than 100 demons and the one in charge of making the Armon covenant. This was that no angel, after being banished, could change his mind about the new purpose they had. He guided each one to the end of Lucifer’s plans and is still one of his best lackeys.
Leviathan: Apart from Lucifer, he is one of the rulers of hell, has the form of a woman and loves to be called the prince of darkness. He is responsible for heresies and pride in mortals, he is the vivid incarnation of evil.
Azazel: He is called the angel of war, taught humanity to use different types of weapons and to use them between them, challenged the Archangel Michael and the Angel Gabriel, however, failed to win the battle and was sentenced by the Angel Raphael. During his journey through the land, he made sure that war reigned in every corner of the world.
Abaddon: This angel was very evil, so much so that he was respected by all those who fell by God’s will. It is said that Moses invoked him to destroy Egypt.
Asmodeus: Main creator of orgies on earth, even came to star with men and women at the same time for all to enter into sin.

Do fallen angels still exist?
Just as many believe in God, there is also the devil and, logically, each one has his followers to enforce his wills. Right angels exist to give us support, wisdom, and guidance in God’s way. On the other hand, there are the fallen angels, those who test us daily to question our faith, make us commit endless sins, and, after death, lead our souls straight to hell. We cannot deny that both communities exist and will continue to exist for many years or at least as long as the universe lasts.

It is up to us to be faithful to biblical teachings and to worship or follow a God who created the whole universe and life in general, or to surrender to evil and follow the designs of a fallen angel who overflows beauty, arrogance, and evil. What remains in our hands is free will. Let us use that weapon with caution.