Discover the hidden masonic symbols in the Holy Family


Most architectural gems, sculptures and famous paintings, such as the Holy Family, and other works by Gaudí, are filled with an important symbolic charge related to esoteric icons of Masonic origin, through which the author consecrates his work as an offering to some occult deity to which the masonic lodges render adoration, for example, holy death, pagan trinity, Beelzebub or Satan himself.

It should be noted that in many of these consecratory declarations expressed through occult Masonic symbols, artists make a partner in the satanic invocation of those who admire or acquire his work.

Here are the most outstanding occult symbols hidden in the Holy Family:

The Alpha and Omega

In this famous work the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet can be clearly distinguished, the alpha symbolizes the initiatory compass of life in the Masonic lodge, while the omega evokes the apocalyptic destiny of the world, which is the most important project of the sect.

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The labyrinth of initiation

The labyrinth has a deep meaning within the Illuminati ideology, because it proposes that those who pretend to serve in it adapting to their criteria and way of life, must lose themselves, forget their old principles, ideas and thoughts to be in a superior dimension, for which only the chosen ones who manage to leave their own labyrinth are prepared.

The omniscient eye

The eye of all-seeing and all-feeling providence is one of the central symbols of Masonic dogmas, usually illustrated within a triangle and represents the spiritual wisdom that guides the lodge in achieving its goals.

It is surprising how unknowingly you can be part of Masonic liturgical rites just by admiring the works dedicated to their idols, we’re sure that your friends will thank you if you send them this information through your social networks so they are aware of this reality.