An identical structure the Great Pyramid of Guiza on Mars

Una estructura idéntica la Gran Pirámide de Guiza en Marte

A pyramidal structure, strangely very similar to the Great Pyramid of Guiza has once again raised suspicions about the creation of the world’s pyramids, as it has once again been found on Mars. This is not the first, nor the second, there are already several pyramidal structures that have been seen on the red planet. The special thing about this strange structure is that it has been confirmed by a renowned British researcher, who declares that the pyramids, both on Mars and on Earth, were built by beings from other planets.

Is the Great Pyramid of Giza also on Mars?
This is not the first strange structure that theorists claim could be manufactured, which would be further proof that somewhere in existence there was life on Mars. Beyond that, researchers around the world claim to have evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations crossed the Solar System and built pyramids on different planets. This new monument found on Mars has very important similarities with the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Some of the researchers believe that the pyramids found in Egypt are a work of some civilization that came to Earth, because it was built by some race that by then, no civilization had such advanced knowledge of construction, did not know the wheel and its technology was extremely limited, when compared to the standards of those who had facilities to build similar monuments.

An Identical Structure of the Great Pyramid of Giza on Mars

The great pyramid of Giza is an extraterrestrial construction.
Now, thanks to this last find, which was taken thanks to one of NASA’s satellites, which revolves around Mars. Many people think that this new pyramid found and the similarity with the most emblematic of the Earth, is a clear evidence that there are extraterrestrial beings of advanced technology that have traveled to the solar system and possibly continue to do so without us realizing it.

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The similarities between all the pyramids found
Scott Waring, a prominent British-born researcher posted on his UFO Sightings Daily blog that found a large pyramid with three sides on Mars in one of the images taken by Gigapan. The pyramid has one of the smooth sides, which probably speaks of an exterior coating made artificially to make it more resistant. However, the other two sides have shown deterioration over the years, as shown in some of the pyramids that exist on Earth.

It also explains around the world there are many pyramids and they continue to be discovered, in different continents and latitudes and thanks to the studies, it has been possible to discover that each one of them was made practically during the same period. How is it possible that almost similar buildings are built by different civilizations with different languages, customs and traditions?

An identical structure the Great Pyramid of Guiza on Mars

Other Artificial Constructions on Mars
In addition, in recent years different pyramidal monuments have been found outside the planet, specifically on Mars. Early last year, Joe White, an American journalist known to be a fan of the UFO theme, claims to have found the remains of what appears to be a pyramid on the surface of Mars, as well as the remains of a structure very similar to the Sphinx of Giza.

Undoubtedly, an extremely strange subject and that, above all, NASA, despite having a special mission currently on the Martian surface, has not decided to say anything about it. Do you want to hide something?