Evidence of aliens living with Egyptians found in Jerusalem


There are a large number of Egyptian artifacts found in Jerusalem, which have been kept under complete secrecy due to their high level of strangeness and relationship with extraterrestrials. The Egyptian egyptologist William Petrie was the discoverer of these strange relics, according to William these objects could “rewrite the history of ancient Egypt”.

According to the Intellihub News portal, alienenos objects were found hidden in a hidden room behind a shelf in the Egyptologist’s house. Mr. Petrie had apparently discovered evidence of extraterrestrialon our planet just before he died in 1942, but he made the decision to keep these discoveries secret at his home in Jerusalem.  It is known that the artifacts were taken by the Rockefeller and the possibility that they may never be taught to the world is feared.


Dwarf beings represented in hieroglyphs“.

The physical details depicted in the mummified bodies would seem to support the idea that “they were probably extraterrestrial” according to the researchers skeletons have a stereotype of “very large and elongated heads with enormous ocular cavities and very long arms.

All sorts of incredible objects that represented electronic and mechanical devices, with very complex and advanced features that show great technological creativity. A strange gold object with a transparent lid and some jeroglyphicin was found by researchers, this object makes it speculate that it is directly about the representation of the model of an extraterrestrialnave.

Strange gold disc, it could be a navigational device“.

Some experts believe that these could be advanced interstellar extraterrestrial navigation.

Helicopretos and advanced ships represented.

Some of the most incredible hieroglyphs, seem to have the intention of representing some kind of aircraft, while some scientists attribute this relationship to a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. In any case, there is a very solid and well-argued belief that ancient alienscivilizations had direct contact with human beings and influenced directly on cultural levels or even the technological advance of human civilizations at a more primitive level of development, some experts confirm this theory based on the precocity of Egyptian civilization, which would seem to strongly support the idea.

We should remind you that in addition to these evidences the mysterious constructions of wonders in Egyptian architecture such as the Pyramids of Giza, some experts and researchers affirmed that the pyramids “Do not belong to our planet“.

Although there are still believers who insist on the idea that Jerusalem is the promised land, where God’s people were, we can now possibly reaffirm the idea that for hundreds of years, Jerusalem was the place where there was much advanced alien technology.


Apart from the confrontations over the existence of GOD, mainly in monotheism, the nature or essence of divinity varies according to the epochs and interpretations of dignitaries of different religions and eventual philosophers.

Some believe in the “real presence” of the Body of Christ, God the Son, in the consecrated host or bread and Blood of Christ in the wine consecrated in the chalice. Others swear by the supernatural and transcendent presence of God in this world in each one of us and in an esoteric “Heaven” in the universe of souls and spirits.

When a physical or material structure is associated with God, a “body”-a body- the question arises of its origin: extraterrestrial, descended from “heaven” or simply earthly, coming from humans?

When God is associated with a supernatural and immaterial nature, such as that of the soul, conscience and spirit, the question also arises as to whether this divine nature exists at all times outside of man in the universe – thus extraterrestrial – or whether it is a creation of man, born from his reflections, thus earthly.



The material, human or very close creatures are present in the BIBLE and other ancient civilizations, especially in the pre-Columbian American world. The testimonies come from the biblical text, legends of ancient peoples and numerous archaeological remains. These material creatures are endowed with multiple and marvelous abilities or powers for the humans who have been around them: In particular they move in the sky, like the “Sons of Heaven” (Elohim), winged angels, snakes with “feathers” and sometimes use “fire chariots” or luminous vehicles, without being systematically assimilated to extraterrestrial vessels or saucers!

God and His world according to the Bible


The Bible is perceived by all those who refer to it as a book dominated by “history” and not as a legend without any other foundation than that of helping children, if not adults, to sleep. In the terms chosen for historical narrative, it should be borne in mind that the texts were written with the vocabulary of the time, capable of being understood by contemporaries. Some of the words in our current language had no translation or meaning in the language of the time. How does God present Himself from Genesis to the coming of Jesus?

God -Yavhe- and the Sons of Heaven (ELOHIM) are physically present through their body or word, especially in Genesis. Although the description of the bodies is not explicit because they would be at least similar to those of humans, to such an extent that the Sons of Heaven found the daughters or wives of humans and their taste so beautiful that they would have sexual relations with them, giving rise to descendants, sometimes called “giants”. It is necessary to relativize because at that time men were modest in size, from about 1.50 m to 1.60 m (at 1.70 m we were tall!). and probably around 1.80 / 2.0 m already giant: this is a normal human size nowadays). These relationships do not please Yavhe, who sends the Heavenly Sons back to their rooms!

In the Garden of Eden, Lucifer, the Angel of Light, fallen into insubordination, tries to seduce Adam and Eve by inviting them to discover knowledge in everything. The notion of serpent, considered deceptive, is welcome to qualify Lucifer. It is God Himself, physically present, who apostrophe to Adam and Eve and expels them from earthly paradise, condemning them to physical and moral suffering (awareness of evil) and inviting them to grow not only in number, but in wisdom and knowledge to become “as God or as gods” (for in the Bible, ELOHIM another name of YAVHÉ is a plural word (Eloha’). In the following, the angels, sent from heaven and God, appear and act materially: the three angels before the entrance of Sodom before their total destruction (with Gomorrah) by a “fire” (nuclear?). And also the “exterminating” angels who kill newborns or an entire population, for those who are not marked with the seal of God’s chosen people and worshipping them. Abraham, at the moment of sacrificing Isaac, hears God’s voice springing from a burning bush of strong luminosity, without the bush burning while it burns. Moses in Sinai is in conversation with his God, (apparently sees him) always in a fiery cloud. And in the Ark of the Covenant, Moses covered his head so as not to see his God, receives at least the oral messages of God (and perhaps asks questions?) (this is a telecommunications post?).

Even more precise is EZECHIEL’s vision with the description of a “space” vehicle with its cosmonaut angels, with “luminous wheels” (subscribers) accompanying the cosmonauts and a very large vehicle projecting lights and floating on stage (successor ship). Finally,”the end of time” is predicted with the coming of the “heavenly Jerusalem”, a huge spacecraft, an immense cube of 1000 elbows on each side floating or floating on Earth, to welcome the chosen, saved before the great final catastrophe. And, cherry on the cake, from the Old Testament of the Jews,”the flight of Jesus” in a cloud during his ascension!

The relations of the Jews with Yavhe-Elohim-son of the angels of heaven are not transcendental, spiritual, supernatural; they are part of the material relations of assassinations, massacres, wars, debauchery, roublarizations, both within the chosen people (in their aberrations) and towards the external pagan peoples. These are classic and typical human relationships! It will take the coming of Jesus to bring to the same level the love/worship of his God with the love of all human beings, of neighbor. The Jews, proud to belong to the People of the Elected protected by the Beings of Heaven, the Yavhe God Almighty and Eternal reigning over a world of angels (Elohim), live their relationship with the Divine without worrying about their Nature and that of their World.

His main concern is to gather and unite the People of the Chosen scattered all over the planet and bring them back to all of Palestine! Would the God of the Jews and their celestial world be extraterrestrial in the event that the Elohim, Angels and Yavhe were beings – apparently human beings – who came in a spaceship from the galactic world? Or would they only be descendants of ancient and highly evolved terrestrial civilizations, almost extinct in their entirety, such as the hypothetical Atlantean civilizations established in the Atlantic at the time of the last glaciation, when sea level was between 100 and 120 meters below current levels?

From the Bible to Christianity


This same Jesus, a Jew born of Mary’s womb, conceived after the intervention/announcement of the angel Gabriel (intervention of genetics?), affirms his belonging to “Heaven” to his Father who is in heaven, declaring:”I am king, but my kingdom is not of this world”. Is this the world of the Elohim of the Bible? The question remains open and unanswered! In iconography, angels, beings of Heaven, are represented with wings to emphasize their ability to fly and their differentiation from humans. On the other hand, God the Father and Jesus are represented in human beings! During Christ’s resurrection, an angel of human appearance stands in front of the open tomb to notice the familiar faces of Christ’s resurrection and departure.

Obtener Libro

For centuries, the Christian Church forbade the reading of the Old Testament Bible (before the New Testament hung on it): the descriptions of the divine protagonists were too close to humans and opposed the implantation of a religion linked to the supernatural, to transcendence, to the soul: love of neighbor, human brotherhood becomes a consequence of the adoration of a God adorned with all the qualities, full of compassion and love for human beings, ready to forgive the sins of men who repent. All dogmas (like the addition of the Holy Spirit), all liturgies, all canonical righteousness are only creations – supposedly inspired by the Divine Creator – of dignitaries or Christian Churches. The religion of Love and Fraternity developed “in caves and caves” within the great Roman empire, until the conversion of Emperor Constantine (to Byzantium, who became Constantinople).

It has given way to a state religion, codified, politically powerful, which takes charge of the morality and spirituality of each person and organizes great mandatory ceremonies. The supernatural and transcendental aspect of the divine world developed particularly on the basis of Greek mythology: the Gospels were written in Greek decades after the death of Jesus. The concepts of the Underworld and Heaven, derived from the Olympian domain of the gods, were assimilated by Christianity, much more so than the religious culture of Rome which fought against Christianity.


So for Christianity, are the visions of God and the supernatural world human and earthly creations? Or have they existed since the dawn of time, independently of humans?


Positions of Islam


The fundamental verses of Islam were revealed to the prophet Muhammad (Mohamed) by the angel (or archangel) Gabriel between 610 and 625 (year of his death). These revelations were transmitted to Muhammad, asleep in Daughter’s cave, through dreams, visions or dreams: Muhammad cannot therefore specify a physical, material (human?) presence of the angel Gabriel or a luminous “virtual” and “glorious”presence.

In the era of Mecca and Medina, a large number of polytheistic cults coexisted with the two monotheisms, Judaism and Christianity. Muhammad was raised by his grandfather, who had been impressed by the faith of Christians: the martyr/massacre of thousands of Christians in Najram (around 518/523), after the massacre of Zafar’s Aksumite garrison by the troops of the Jewish king Dhu Nuwas (the Yemeni kingdom of Himyar), was alive in all memories. The one God of Christians had to be wonderful for Christians to prefer death to renunciation/conversion. For history, Kaleb the king of Axum Kaleb fought and defeated Dhu Nuwas and drove him out of the land conquered by force, weapons in hand around the year 525.

The revealing angel Gabriel is that of the New Testament who announced to Zechariah that his relatively older wife Elizabeth would have a son (John the Baptist) and that of the proclamation of Mary for the conception of Jesus. The fact that the angel Gabriel appeared in the book of Daniel of the Old Testament was relatively ignored and minor.

The vision of Allah’s divine nature is very different from the personalization in the Bible of Yavheh and God the Father (the version of the “historical channel”) and very close to the supernatural, timeless and immaterial vision, present everywhere and in all times, elaborated by the Fathers of the Church in the centuries before the revelation to Muhammad. In the vast majority of Islamic denominations, the representation of Allah with images is meaningless and forbidden.

If the Messengers and Prophets of Allah are of human nature, angels have a dual status: Spirits or “supernatural” entities at the service of Allah in Heaven and at the service of human souls (Guardian Angels), and the “human” body is formed by intervening in the world of men when necessary, to sustain them with weapons in their hands fighting against the enemies of Islam and Muslims, especially during the life of Muhammad (battles of Badr and Uhud). Today and for a long time, the “human” form of some angels is not a subject worthy of study or controversy: only the mortal character of some angels has been affirmed in the sacred texts.


For Muslim believers, their belief is evidence, a certainty: the Qur’ an comes from God, Allah, creator of the world and all things, including men. Allah and celestial beings reign in the invisible, spiritual and supernatural universe while remaining connected to the visible material world. The world of Allah would be an “extraterrestrial”world, but it would embrace the Earth.

For non-Muslims, the “blasphemous” hypothesis of a supernatural world created by human thoughts and reflections is still conceivable, therefore “earthly creation”!

The creation of a virtual,”supernatural” world through the creative thoughts of men is condemned by all Religious Authorities. However, in other fields this possibility exists without problems: for example, in the scientific field theories are often only virtual. Thus, the world of numbers is virtual, it is a human creation. Infinite spaces or sets of numbers (whole, real, rational, irrational, transcendental, imaginary) are only hypotheses that facilitate reasoning. Decimal digitization and its exponential extensions facilitate calculations, always focused, while computers are satisfied with binary digitization (0 and 1). Why not ternary (-1;0; +1) (presence, absence and opposite presence). Particulate matter and unit quantum are not divided into different fractions at the elementary level. However, there is nothing to stop us from thinking that the real world is driven, dependent and overwhelmed by numbers: it is a matter of belief! If astrophysicists and “nuclear” physicists successfully use equation systems (relating to numerical values) to explain the behavior of matter and the universe, scientists of antiquity and recent periods have made enormous discoveries using geometry of shapes and figures and “specific algebras” (group theories, Boole’s algebra). without using numbers and digitizing!


The ancient civilizations that have now disappeared have left material traces and fractions of legends that raise questions about their levels of technology and their possible contacts with extraterrestrial beings. There are still some doubts about the technologies used in the construction of pyramids, obelisks of hundreds of tons (up to 1200 tons), Sphinx, several temples (Baalbeck blocks carved and transported around 1200 tons).

In Central America (Mexico, Guatemala…) and in South America (Peru, Bolivia…) ancient cities, temples, pyramids and developed plateaus are also discovered and studied. While many petroglyphs, engravings and sculptures, hieroglyphs could be made with rudimentary technologies (copper alloy burns), as well as some constructions, are incompatible with the technologies we lend to ancient peoples.

The enthusiasts of Ufology discover engravings or drawings representing cosmonauts in prehistoric petroglyphs: their interpretations are often controversial. They see runways on the Nazca plateau and visual signs for flying machines in the geoglyphs of Nasca and the Andean Candlestick. Interventions by extraterrestrials or humans of very ancient civilizations more developed than ours, but unfortunately disappeared, cannot be validated in view of these vestiges.

In Bolivia, however, the Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) site in Bolivia raises questions for part of the slightly off-centre site, the Puma Punku site, at a distance of one kilometer. It is a quadrilateral (150m/120m) enclosed by walls and a door known as the “Jaguar” (block of about ten tons), with other ruins inside. The inexplicable difference lies in the “machining” of the blocks and in the sculptures of geometric patterns, sometimes with pronounced niches. The wall blocks are large rectangular parallelepipeds, identical rectangles, perfectly coated, with impeccable angles, grooved and grooved to fit securely together. They are drilled with holes a few millimetres in diameter and the same depth (several cm).

As the six faces are “machined”, there is no preferential use of the cutting surfaces. The material is made of very hard, granite-style rocks with no quarries (except for hundreds of kilometers). With today’s technologies for machining or forming alone, a 5D machine would be required, capable of working in massive blocks of about one tonne, with carbide/ceramic milling heads or rather laser machined/drilling heads. Not to mention all transport and handling / positioning equipment on site.

The technologies used may not yet have been discovered and developed by humans today. The site of Tiahuanaco is bigger and very rich in archaeological remains, without forgetting the great number of Andean and Mexican sites, the site of Puma Punku is little studied. Some “esoteric” archaeologists compare the dimensions and descriptions of the site of Tiahuanaco (ancient city of 20,000 inhabitants) with the evocations/descriptions of Plato’s Atlantis in the Critias!

In another order, among the Maya, the accuracy of astronomical predictions and the amplitude of the calendar in thousands of years, could be the combination of time recorders with instructions from beings with superior knowledge.

Therefore, the hypotheses of the presence of “humans” whose origin would be either an ancient earthly civilization, now extinct and of a high technological level, or a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization, should not be excluded.

Therefore, hypotheses of the presence of “humans” should not be excluded.

For this latter hypothesis, the coming of beings from the solar system does not seem plausible given our knowledge of our eight planets. The coming of planets from another star system several light-years away from the earth would be extraordinary and difficult to conceive for our limited brains. On the other hand, coming from the ninth planet, recently and probably “discovered” by astronomical calculations, it would be possible. Its time period to travel through its elliptical orbit would be 10,000 to 20,000 years; therefore, it would be closer to the sun and our planets at time intervals compatible with Puma Punka’s date (5,000 to 15,000 years).


1- If Earth and human beings were visited by extraterrestrials in ancient times and their past presences confirmed by archaeologists and scientists, it would be a great shock to humanity with a questioning of certainties, more important than during the passage from the center of the Earth of the world (and even plain) to the solar system and galaxies! The brakes and refusals will then be relentless. If the Elohim are only humans of a very ancient and technologically advanced civilization, the trauma would diminish slightly.

2- If God and “Heaven” are supernatural, spiritual and transcendental, whatever their origin: believers will remain in the certainty of a divine world that exists in every time and place of the universe, and atheists will remain convinced (believers) that the divine world is only a projection of human mind and thought. In any case, the essential thing is that every human being, believing in one religion or atheist, respects the other without wanting to impose his or her conviction.

If you are interested, we invite you to see the latest evidence of alien ancestral:

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