The Nephilim, mysterious race of biblical giants


Regardless of one’s faith or religious creed, it’s clear that the Bible is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and knowledge about the deeper issues of the universe and of life, so it’s one of the most important reference books for researchers, historians, archaeologists, and explorers of mysterious ancient civilizations like the Nephilim, who are described in the book of origins as an ancient race of giants, the product of the junction between angels and the daughters of men.

Association of the Nephilim

The Hebrew word that derives the term Nephilim refers to a semblance of the character of the members of this humanoid race, because in addition to their characteristic large size, were beings with an advanced intelligence that combined with their explosive temper, represented a real danger for their environment.

According to different bibliographical sources of ancient origin that have been appearing in recent years, all the actions of the Nephilim always revolved around the objective of challenging the authority and the order of creation established by God, therefore they became experts in every kind of science and had proposed nothing less than to explore outer space and conquer it in the name of humanity.

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The Nephilim considered themselves too beautiful, large and important to submit to any authority, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. That’s why they always dared to go against the universally established designs, and proclaimed to be equal to God. In this sense, their last offense was to manipulate the genetic material of certain species of birds and lizards to “create” the dinosaurs.

The creation of the dinosaurs was the straw that broke the camel’s back according to the universal powers, so they decided to eliminate the pollution represented by the Nephilim next to their pack of “pets” composed by mutant lizards. For this reason a flood was sent to the Earth, in which only humans and the rest of species originally created by God could survive.

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