The emerald table hides the biggest universal enigmas


The fascinating emerald table discovered in the sarcophagus where Hermes is buried in Tyana is one of the most valuable relics in history, its sum isn’t measured in money or gold, but in the infinity of universal enigmas encrypted in this ancient article, whose origin isn’t clear, but everything indicates that it’s the work of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, so the wisdom expressed in there is the reflection of the authenticity and purity of the human species just emerging from the hands of the creator.

Importance of emerald table in universal history

The emerald table is among the first documents written by man under the inspiration of extraterrestrial beings, and since its creation has been decisive in the outcome of the most transcendental events in the history of humanity, because we don’t know if it has a life of its own or is manipulated by the gods, but is always at the right time, in the right place, and in the right hands, to exert a decisive influence on the changes that have taken place during history.

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This is how the teachings on the emerald table guided the Hebrews in their liberation from Egyptian slavery, with the consequent collapse of the kingdom of the pharaohs. It’s also believed that in a certain period of history was sheltered in the ark of the covenant and was the oracle of consultation of King Solomon in all his right decisions, which made him worthy of recognition as the wisest monarch of all time.

It is said that this stone tablet was also in the hands of Alexander the Great, who took it to India when he invaded that country. From that moment it became the fundamental pillar of Hindu civilization and is nowadays the secret element of all the wisdom expressed by that culture, from which such legendary characters as Mahatma Gandhi have emerged.

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