The discovery of Tărtăria tables can change history


The story begins to register from the moment of the invention of the writing, feat that the understood ones attribute to the Sumerians. However, the Tărtăria tables were discovered in the 60’s of the last century, which have the potential to change the perception we’ve had of history up to now, since they represent the strong evidence that long before the emergence of the Sumerians already existed societies that used writing as a means of expression and communication, such as the ancient alien civilizations that originally settled the Earth.

Importance of the mysterious tables of Tărtăria

These small clay tablets were found in the Danubian Basin, in the town of Tărtăria, Romania. They do not constitute a document of as much formality as the Code of Hamurabi, but rather record what appears to be a prayer to some unknown alien god, written in a language with certain resemblances to the Sumerians and Egyptians, revealing that these powerful civilizations may have been formed by aliens.

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These facts radically change the chronological order of universal history, because they disprove much of the teachings we’ve received since we were school children. For this reason this research was torpedoed by very influential people in the scientific community, who discredit the work done in a stubborn and capricious way without any scientific argument.

It’s a pity that many professionals today conceal this kind of information, denying the world access to the truth to serve the interests of elitist groups that have misrepresented history for selfish ends and social control, as they’ve dominated us more by ignorance than by force.

Remember that we must continue with the mission of disseminating this valuable information in all our social networks, not be one more of the pile, to break the media siege and share.