Why are there so many mysteries behind the pyramids of Egypt?

¿Por qué hay tantos misterios detrás de las pirámides de Egipto?

Why did the Egyptians mummify themselves and what is their relationship to the pyramids of Egypt?
The pyramids of Egypt have captivated thousands of people for many years, the main reason being their antiquity and conservation, but the interest is also due to the mysteries that these include, for example, the time taken by their builders to elaborate them, the secret chambers that are found inside the three buildings and the mummies that can be found there.

In the case of mummification, the ancient Egyptians performed these rituals for the preservation of the body, thus preventing the flesh from rotting and the latter, in turn, from meeting the soul of the deceased in the hereafter, the land of the dead. According to Egyptian beliefs, death separated the body and the soul, so they sought ways to preserve the human anatomy, so that through some ancient ritual both elements could be unified on the other side.

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The bodies of the ancient Pharaohs are found in the pyramids of Egypt
In itself, the essence or purpose of the pyramids of Egypt was to keep the body of the Pharaoh in one of its many chambers, so that it would remain intact and could pass into the world of the dead, however, there are other theories that might make sense, for example, that the king of Egypt, once placed within some of the three pyramids, would rise again and go straight to heaven along with the rest of the Egyptian gods, positioning himself with the stars.

Today, scientists can determine that mummies were kings of Egypt because the ancient Egyptians removed the organs from the body and instead placed well wrapped pieces of linen, this was a sign of greatness, as were certain elements in the skulls of the Pharaohs. Some people say there is much more hidden in the pyramids and maintain that extraterrestrial beings are involved with them.