Who Built The Pyramids Of Egypt: Secrets Revealed!


Have you ever wondered how the pyramids of Egypt were really built? You weren’t the only one. In fact, today there are still conferences to discuss with which engineering, the Egyptians were able to create such an architecture that, to this day, remains a mystery to all. They are located on the plain of Guiza and stand majestically before the inhabitants, archaeologists and travelers who venture to see them.

For many years the reason for their creation was studied, today we know that they were used in a funereal way and in their interior were the corpses of pharaohs. However, that is just one of the many questions surrounding the pyramids of Egypt.

How were the Pyramids of Egypt really built?
Many archaeologists over the years have proposed different theories and construction methods that would explain how the pyramids were formed in a coherent way. However, although they all make a lot of sense at first glance, they all have certain details that seem to overturn all the logic they seek to express.

Not for nothing have archaeologists been unable to accept a single theory as they did in the last century, suggesting that even they themselves do not know how they were built.

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That’s where a little cloudier explanations come in.

Alien engineering in the Pyramids of Egypt.
Because there is no knowledge of any evidence within history or archaeology to definitively resolve the issue, many ufologists and scientists have proposed the theory that the Pyramids were built with extraterrestrial help.

Without analyzing how the method used to create them was, there seems to be no logical explanation why ordinary men could have moved enough stones to build them, given the size of the stones used and the time in which they were made, there were no adequate tools.

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And this theory takes on much more force when we look at illustrations of beings with non-human appearance in their cities, such as Anubis or those found in the cities of Sumer, who mentioned reptilian beings as their Gods.

Although, like all the others, this is a theory, it has been the most attacked by archaeologists, governments and religions, as if trying to discredit any explanation that is not in accordance with their own interests, showing that, perhaps, the truth could go far beyond what we all think.