What secret did the fourth pyramid of Egypt hide?

¿Qué secreto escondía la cuarta pirámide de Egipto?


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The pyramid of Dyedefra was a cosmic bridge to communicate with beings of other dimensions
Today it is only ruins and stones above each other that remain in the arid lands near the city of Cairo, but thousands of years ago, great civilizations ruled the future of the earth and rose with the help of different alien races who intended the earth to be a beacon of light for the universe, where different species could coexist and communicate through cosmic bridges or multidimensional portals.

Man received many favors and powers from species such as the Anunnakis, Greys, Silver Celestials, and many other races, which with their complex technologies helped the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians to build their monuments, which while they were the object of worship to the gods of each of these races, also served as a means of transportation for creatures and deities from all the galaxies to arrive on earth to build this little paradise.

But the human kings were evil with the gifts offered, they wanted absolute power over everything built on earth and the Anunnaki gods in retaliation ended the cosmic bridges, which not only communicated the earth with other dimensions and civilizations of the universe, but also bestowed their spectacular powers and knowledge about the stars on men.

What happened to the fourth great pyramid of Egypt?
In the midst of the “breakdown of relations”, the pyramid of Dyedefra, considered even the largest and most monumental of buildings and which served as the central axis of the connection, was reduced to rubble, which was used by the Romans and Egyptians to build the walls of what is now the city of Cairo.

The scriptures speak of a profound repentance of the human kings for the acts committed with the deities, however, that was not enough and with the passing of time mortal, these civilizations were extinguished, leaving only traces and hidden stories for these generations, which will allow in the future, re-establish communications with these civilizations and regain the greatness and beauty of the great civilizations on earth, which in turn protect this galaxy from the threats that are approaching in this century.