What is the secret behind the pyramids of Egypt?

¿Cuál es el secreto oculto detrás de las pirámides de Egipto?


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The pyramids of Egypt may have been the first planetary communication network of Ancient Egypt.
For most skeptics, the ancient pyramids of Egypt are nothing more than simple tombs for the pharaohs, but if the ancient Egyptians really wanted to build a simple tomb, what is the logical explanation for using more than 2.5 million huge stones?

Is it possible that the pyramids of Egypt are actually related to much more advanced objectives? We must be aware of the fact that those responsible for developing this enormous network of pyramids so precisely aligned with the constellation of orion must have been a culture with access to very advanced information. Many believe that this superior knowledge came from an alien race.

This theory is not new, there are millions of people all over the planet, who agree with this hypothesis, If it were real? Were the ancient astronauts really responsible for these monuments? Where did they come from? And what was its purpose? Where are they now? They’ll be back?

Scientists have discovered pyramids all over the planet, dating back more than 3,000 years BC. There are more than 250 pyramids in China, another large number in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Central America, including the Indian Ocean.

The pyramids of Ancient Egypt are very similar to those of other cultures scattered over the five continents.
How can we explain the ancestral phenomenon of the pyramids? How is it possible that different cultures on the five continents and at different times built the same kind of monument?

The believers of the ancient extraterrestrial visitors, claim that these were responsible for having influenced mankind, this very advanced race would have come great knowledge of physics and mathematics. We must remember that at that time, different cultures and civilizations did not have a means of transoceanic contact. This argument makes it very difficult to give a conventional or (human) explanation for this phenomenon.

Others claim that ancient civilizations could have developed some kind of communication over time that would have brought the Maya into contact with Egyptian civilization, for example. On the other hand, the idea of a large planetary “communication” network similar to the “Internet” we know today could be another plausible explanation for this real puzzle.