Was the Sumerian civilization ruled by extraterrestrial beings?

¿La civilización Sumeria fue gobernada por seres extraterrestres?

Legend has it that the Sumerian civilization is a descendant of Anunnakis.
When the Sumerian manuscripts were found, the scientists were very astonished for a long time and increased the studies of the remains of civilization almost to 100%, because they did not explain how it is that these ancient people had so much knowledge about astronomy, but besides that, they were impressed by everything that was embodied there. From apocalyptic prophecies to the description of superpowerful beings with an impossible and physical height from another world. We are talking about the Anunnakis, extraterrestrial beings from the planet Nibiru who ruled the Sumerians for many centuries.

According to legends, humans were created by aliens so that they could serve as slaves and obtain minerals from the earth to save Nibiru from imminent destruction. In time, humans began to worship these creatures to the point of considering them as their gods and describing them in their writings as 3-meter-long humanoids with elongated skulls and special powers of mental communication.

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Aliens and the Legends of Sumer
The skulls of the ancient Sumerians were extremely foreign to the experts, for they had never seen skulls as long as these. When they compared the remains with the texts found, they knew immediately that they were not in front of common bodies, but of people of Anunnakis’ descendants. Legend has it that over the years, these beings became related to humans, other theories claim that in reality, Enki, the God who created everything we know today, created people in his image and likeness.

On the other hand, there is a lot of Sumerian documentation that in one way or another is too similar to the biblical texts, the problem is that if we analyze the dates, the Sumerians were on earth long before the bible experiences took place, in this sense, there are two hypotheses: Christianity adopted these events as if their God had performed them, or is that God the same one who ruled Sumerian?