Was ancient Egypt ruled by extraterrestrial life?

Was ancient Egypt ruled by extraterrestrial life?


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Ancient Egypt had contact with extraterrestrial life
There are many people who believe that aliens inhabited ancient Egypt and the truth is that this hypothesis is not unreasonable. If we look a little at all the objects found and the ancient hieroglyphics, we realize that there are extremely futuristic aspects that could not take place at that time, not unless they had help from other beings, highly intelligent creatures with advanced technology, a clear example of this is the pyramids of Egypt.

The pyramids of Egypt were designed so that the bodies of Pharaoh’s family would be at rest and could return from death at the proper time, but the mummies that, according to ancient texts, were never found there. How could the Egyptians have been so precise?

On the other hand, no one knows how these pyramids were built, there is not even text that can explain what machinery they used for building, so it is believed that the extraterrestrials had much to do, perhaps with their UFOs and materials from other worlds were able to rise from the pyramids to the great Sphinx.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs reveal that extraterrestrial life exists
Many of the hieroglyphics found in the vicinity of the pyramids of Guiza show some really strange objects, in the shape of saucers and flying all over Egypt. There are also some papyruses that reveal the true purpose of the sphinx: It was made as an alien airstrip. Archaeologists have conducted many studies to corroborate this, but they still lack the evidence to certify it.

Tulli’s papyrus also has strong evidence that extraterrestrials lived in ancient Egypt and in fact ruled it. The stories are very revealing and have much to do with the alleged mysterious objects in Fluminders Petrie’s possession, including mmies with alien characteristics and mineral remains from other planets.