Three mummies are found in the pyramids of Egypt that reveal the secrets of the future


Extraordinary sites were detected by professional archaeologists who were in charge of researching fossils of antique remains of which they have always been surprised with their qualities of possessing elements of importance for these before past history, unquestionably the encounter of these mummies made by dedicated archaeologists in the area stated that they have worked with mummy sites but these three mummies of the Egyptian pyramids cause impression when extracted completely from their fossils.

since in them are found offerings as sacrifices to these beings who were once people of high purchasing power in their regions or Egyptian civilization

Objects that were extracted from these three revealing fossils in the pyramids of Egypt
These articles that were immersed in these surprising fossils, call attention for their carvings and writings that when they were made had to be carefully applied imparting in them a message of Egyptian pictography for which they make known that there would be pestilence and poverty for generations.

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In the visualization of another fossil there were garments that when appearing in its history possessed great levels of importance for the one who wore them being thus garments of accompaniment in armor, it is understood by interpretation that the prediction that wars would come for the kingdoms of the present times was already being given

mummies of egypt

What was the message left by these mummies from the pyramids of Egypt?
It is important to note that this great message of weather prediction would not culminate there in the declaration of wars in the world, but that a third fossil was also found that would bring the final message of the times of which many signs have happened so that it is strong for humanity to face its final destiny so that a blanket with carvings of a sphere that is being consumed by fire is found. This means that the earth is destined to be destroyed by fire.