They reveal the secret of how the pyramids of Egypt were built

As the pyramids of Egypt, which hide their secrets, were really built, archaeologists reveal

The pyramids of Egypt represent legacies or vestiges left by the Egyptians in ancient times. They are undoubtedly the most formidable and famous legacies left by that ancient civilization.

In ancient writings was found a prayer elaborated for the king and his pyramid.

“O Atum, put your arms around this great king, around this building, and around this pyramid as the arms of the ka symbol, so that the essence of the king may be in it, enduring forever. Oh”

These writings, quoted above, clearly show the purpose of the pyramid. These were created to hold the king’s soul for eternity. According to belief, the king can rise and rise to heaven to live for all eternity with the gods by becoming a star. But many Pharaohs also had their slaves build these pyramids as a tribute to the gods.

Mysteries of the creation of the pyramids of Egypt
Who built the pyramids?

Books, films focusing on the history of ancient Egypt have imagined the story of Moses’ life in many ways. It describes the builders of these pyramids as enslaved prisoners. Although it is true that the Egyptians owned slaves, archaeological studies show that Egyptian workers were also employed in the construction of the pyramids. And around these great works there were also priests, cooks, healers, bakers and bakers, apart from the construction workers themselves.

When were they built?

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The pyramids being the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egyptian civilization, these large and intricate tombs were built in different periods of ancient Egypt. The oldest pyramid, the Djoser pyramid, was built approximately 2630 BC.

Almost all of the other pyramids in Egypt were later built including the pyramids of Giza with the Great Pyramid being built around 2530 BC, then the construction of pyramids came to a standstill around 2200 BC.

For the years 2000 and 1700 BC the Egyptian civilization experienced a new attempt to build pyramids but the results were not as majestic as in previous periods.

How they built the pyramids of Egypt
One of the great mysteries of the pyramids revolves around how they were built. And the fact that they have lasted for more than four millennia is a faithful witness to the quality of their construction, but archaeologists and, above all, engineers are still amazed at the precise size between the different blocks.

The films show thousands of slaves carrying or pulling giant blocks of limestone, each weighing an average of two and a half tons. On the other hand, archaeologists believe that these blocks were created using copper chisels that were the strongest metal the Egyptians had available at that time.

After being carved in the quarries, these blocks were taken by boat to the construction sites, taking advantage of the frequent flooding that occurs in the Nile River.

It is not certain how the pyramids were built, as there is no documentation from that time describing it.