They found an alien mummy from ancient Egypt?

An alien mummy found in ancient Egypt

There is one thing the world is sure of and that is that Ancient Egypt contains mysteries that we may never discover. However, those who have come to light do not cease to surprise the whole world. One of these is the alleged discovery of an alien mummy revealed in 1998 by the US television network Sci-Fi, on the programme “Thesecret KGB Adduction Files”. The show showed a film, which was verified by experts in video editing, verifying that it was indeed real. So was the alien mummy.

The alien mummy found in Ancient Egypt. Royal or a fake documentary?
Is it the cover-up of a true fact or is it just one of the false documentaries that have existed for decades? We don’t know, but the film has disappeared and all you can find are images and small fragments of it.

The TV station aired the film only once, and all the copies soon disappeared. The recording showed an incognito expedition made by the KGB to Egypt as part of a project they called “Project of Isis” and where they could see how they discovered the sarcophagus where it rested what appeared to be a mummy with alien features.

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It should be noted that prior to the broadcast of the programme, no news or government channel had expressed anything about the event and it all began with the statements of Viktor-Ivanovich, a Russian neurologist and astrophysicist, who was hired by the Kremlin as part of the development of advanced propulsion systems.

Project Isis, buried in oblivion.
As the program indicated, Ivanovich had access to certain secret KGB archives where expeditions made in 1061 as part of Project Isis were narrated and that their sole purpose was to discover technologies and knowledge in Ancient Egypt, which could be applied in military maneuvers.

The film could be obtained from intermediaries within the Russian mafia, which aroused the interest of all science fiction lovers.

Many theories have been formed about this supposed extraterrestrial mummy and many questions have been raised about it. Is this a true space traveler who ruled ancient Egypt?