They find a tomb in Cairo and experts believe it is a queen of ancient Egypt.


Is he really a pharaonic character from ancient Egypt?
Egypt is one of the most mysterious territories in the world, everything begins from the creation of the pyramids of Egypt to the mummifications of the different Pharaonic figures of the time. It is impressive how such an ancient civilization could have produced so many artifacts and buildings that endure over time, and that is what is enigmatic for the scientific community. A woman’s grave was recently found in southern Cairo and is believed to have belonged to the royal family.

According to studies, the tomb belongs to Helpet, a woman from ancient Egypt who probably performed very important functions or belonged to the royal family, however, all are assumptions because there are really no records of her in history. The coffin was adorned with emblematic paintings from more than 4,000 years ago, and the fact that it was buried alone suggests that it was very important in the past, since only the women of Pharaoh’s family could be buried alone, without their husbands.

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Who is this figure from ancient Egypt?
Due to the fact that there is no information about anyone named Helpet, experts say that she could have been a priest, but this doesn’t make sense, it had to be too important in Egypt to be buried that way, so it is believed that it is actually Nefertititi’s body that was found on that expedition. Let us remember that Nefertititi disappeared unexpectedly and his body was never found, in this sense, this hypothesis has much credibility.

In one of the drawings in the coffin, you see a monkey dancing in front of some musicians and another primate picking fruit, that in ancient Egypt meant veneration, so the idea that she was a priestess is out of the question. Could it really be Nefertititi’s tomb?