The texts on the sarcophagi of the mummies of ancient Egypt can be deciphered


Ancient Egypt hides more secrets than we thought.
Egypt is one of the territories that hides many mysteries, among them, the truth behind the construction of the pyramids of Egypt, the great sphinx, the legend of the Pharaohs and the texts hidden in the sarcophagi of the ancient kings. The latter have been investigated from the moment of their discovery but adequate results could never be obtained because the writings could not be deciphered without destroying the coffin. However, in order to avoid destroying such precious ancient materials, the experts decided to create an advanced technology capable of preserving objects and deciphering ancient writings.

The technology is so advanced that you only need to scan the sarcophagus with the help of a series of specialized lights that make the letters inside the caskets glow and can be translated. This was made possible thanks to the material in which the texts were written, because in addition to the wood, inside the tomb of each mummy are ancient scrolls that were widely used by Egyptian civilizations, in this sense, not only will solve a great mystery, but we will also know a little more about life in ancient Egypt.

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Ancient Egyptian papyrus reveals valuable information
mysteries of ancient egypt texts

“Irethorru” was one of the first words that could be obtained from these scrolls and means “The Eye of Horus that drives away all enemies” this was found in the mummy’s sarcophagus of Chiddingstone Castle and is one of the best scientific advances to date. This type of situation is very good news for the scientific community, because it is possible to solve all the enigmas of Egypt.

So far, experts are looking for as many tombs of pharaohs or mummies as they can find to begin scanning them and translating everything that is written there. Many conspirators are awaiting the findings to confirm their theories of extraterrestrial intervention in the Pharaonic era.