The Sumerians were the first inhabitants of the earth to travel into space.


Since the middle of the 19th century, has the affirmation been in expectation, would the Sumerians be the first to achieve this feat of traveling into space? and it is that from this date, even well before all the latitudes of the world, they began to study this culture and have even sent special commissions to delve into their territories to investigate thoroughly the findings found there to confirm whether the Sumerians were really the first civilization to travel into space.

The first Sumerians to travel into space because of their origins?
According to the vestiges left by this culture, it is said that where the lower Mesopotamia is now found, there were human groups that had the capacity to travel to space approximately in the years 6700 BCE to 6500 BCE, but this affirmation lacks an authentic material support to confirm it, No record of this population was ever found and even worse where they came from and what their origins would be, what has been most commented is that they have been armenoid-type beings due to the fossil remains found from their skulls and their dolichocephalic deformities such as brachycephaly present.

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very similar to other skulls found in different parts of the world, where other civilizations supposedly reigned, that is why today there is a theory that the Sumerians were the first humans to travel to space, since they could do so by descending from these early settlers who came from other civilizations.

The Sumerians not only traveled into space but discovered Pluto 7,000 years ago.
These statements were made in 2016 by an Iraqi minister, who claimed that the Sumerian people had settled in Mesopotamia in southern Iraq from 5000 to 4000 BC. He also claimed that the world’s first airport was built by this civilization in 5000 BC, and that not only that, but that this building was a place to explore the cosmos, he also claimed that the Sumerians had traveled into space and discovered Pluto.

THE Sumerians

These statements are based on studies of Sumerian works by experts such as the Russian-born researcher Samuel Kramer.

What if we can say for sure, quite apart from the scientific limitations, that the recorded Sumerian astronomy observations only show us the planets that we can observe with our eyesight, there are no traces or clues to show us that they picked up signals from other planets like Pluto for example, but if this is so, how do you explain where they got so much knowledge, how do they develop such advanced technologies, that even today it has not been possible to develop the same ones?