The pyramids of Egypt, the most wonderful cemetery in history.


The pyramids of Egypt have been an enigma that to this day, continues to give much to talk about around the world. Many years of studies precede their creation, their interior, what were they formed for? According to these studies, the pyramids were created for funerary purposes. They were the tomb of the pharaohs of the time and of the most important, including their partners, advisors and, many times, even their pets. However, if that is entirely true, we are still missing the pyramid in the name of one of the possibly most important pharaohs in the history of ancient Egypt; the tomb of Nesfertititi.

The tomb of Nesfertititi, an enigma of the pyramids of Egypt.
Queen Nesfertititi reigned with her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten, in Egypt more than three thousand years ago. His period is one of the least known in history and his fame lies not only in the great work of art that represents his bust, one of the most important works of art in the history of humanity. But because his reign represented a stage that shook Egypt by fostering a religion focused solely on worshipping Aton, the God of the Sun.

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For the civilization of that time, it was quite an event. Accustomed to worshiping different deities, Nefertititi and Akhenaten suddenly changed this custom, changing the course of history at the time, which is why the specialists have devoted themselves to investigating this fascinating period and if Akhenaten’s tomb is a mystery, since up to three have been found, Nefertititi’s is even more so, since not a single indication of existence has been found. There’s nothing there.

the pyramids

Nefer-nesferuaten, possible pharaoh, in the pyramids of Egypt
Although her daughter also bore her name, many archaeologists are convinced that Queen Nesfertiti presided over the throne after Akhenaten. Under the name of Neferneferruatón, however, this information is still not entirely clear due to the lack of evidence and findings regarding the queen.

Anyway, it is clear that Nesfertititi was an extremely important one for 1340 BC. Why is there no record of his death? Expeditions and searches are still underway with the sole purpose of finding something that will clarify what happened to his tomb.