The pyramids of Egypt and the great mystery hidden within its walls

Las pirámides de Egipto y el gran misterio que se esconden entre sus muros

What are the pyramids of Egypt hiding?
It is no secret to anyone that in their time, the pyramids of Egypt were the ideal places to perform all kinds of immortalization rituals for the Pharaohs and beyond being simple rooms for the rest of the kings, were the sanctuaries and the beginning of the path to the afterlife. Different studies indicate that there are more mysteries surrounding these buildings than the displacement of building materials and the years it took to raise these world wonders.

Scientists say there are many unexplained deaths inside the pyramids of Egypt, for example, that of archaeology expert George A. Reisner, who discovered the sarcophagus of Keops’ mother in 1925. The problem is that when the urn was opened, there was no trace of the mummy and later, mysteriously, Reisner’s body fell long and long into one of the chambers of the Pyramid of Guiza. It is said that his death was the result of an Egyptian curse.

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Deaths and mental problems originating in the pyramids of Egypt
According to ancient manuscripts, the Egyptians performed all kinds of esoteric rituals to preserve the body and immortalize the soul of people by mummification, these acts could generate some kind of alterations within the pyramids and this can be verified by reports from subjects who enter the pyramids, either to study them or just to observe them, suffer nervous attacks or claim to have strange visions. The writer Paul Brunton was one of many people who saw evil entities inside the pyramids.

It is said that being inside any of the 3 pyramids for a long time and even in front of the great sphinx, people begin to feel very light, as if they were about to pass through a portal that divides the world of the living and the world of the dead.