The precise location of the Great Pyramid of Guiza is a mystery.


For over 4500 years in Egypt the famous pyramids have kept the mystery of what is hidden deep within their intricate corridors and hidden chambers under their immense stone structures. And there is a great mystery around the great pyramid of Guiza because it has not been possible to unveil what is hidden inside its enormous walls and tunnels that have not yet been explored.

Scientists have used sophisticated scanners to try to get a view of the inside of the pyramid and an amazing but unexplained finding occurred and that at the base of the pyramid there are three rocks together that look warmer in the scanner than the rest of the structure, which keeps scientists puzzled.

The Pharaohs moved more than 170000 tons of rocks to build the great pyramid of Guiza.
Archaeologists claiming to have solved the mystery of the pyramid construction have found new evidence in the vicinity of Cairo that the Egyptians used ships to move more than 1,750,000 tons of rocks to build the Giza pyramid.

It is believed that the Egyptians after collecting the materials were taken to a port that was built a few meters from the base of the pyramid under construction and to carry approximately 2.3 million blocks the Egyptians took more than twenty years.

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Great Pyramid of Guiza located by a meridian
The pyramids are crossed by a meridian that divides the oceans and continents into two exactly equal parts – how could they achieve this? Is this a coincidence? There are too many reasons to believe that this is not the case. But the construction of the pyramid of Giza and other pyramids in Egypt is not just a huge mystery, and its mathematical, geographical and astronomical symbolism and accuracy still puzzles today’s experts.

Another mathematical and certainly mysterious fact is that if you multiply the height of the pyramid of Guiza by a thousand it will give 9800000000 miles, this number represents the distance between the sun and the earth.

There is no doubt that the pyramids were made for multiple functions, but the intrigue of their location with respect to the stars increases a sample of it is that the tomb of the king of the great pyramid points towards the orion belt.

The list of mysteries follows with respect to the pyramids of Guiza, perhaps in the future the truth of how they were built will be discovered, perhaps their raison d’être is the use for life in eternity, but there is also the possibility of some link with extraterrestrial beings. But believers in conspiracy theories suspect that the secrets of these majestic structures have not been told to the masses or have been altered, for to do so would alter our entire knowledge of the ancient world. There are still many mysteries to solve.