The origin of civilizations from the city of Sumer, real explanation

El origen de las civilizaciones Sumeria y los extraterrestres, explicacion real

When speaking of the principle of civilization as we know it, many turn to see ancient Egypt as the origin of civilizations. There are many theories that try to explain the principle of everything, Who are our ancestors? However, few people mention the Sumerians. The city of Sumer is considered the seed that generated the birth of what we know today as “civilization”.

The origin of civilizations owes much to the archaeological discoveries made in the remains of their city and that at the same time as we find answers, other questions arise in relation to their civilization.

The origin of civilizations from the city of Sumer.
The remains of Sumerian civilization date back to 5000 B.C. and automatically become one of the oldest civilizations of mankind ever discovered. The Sumerians ruled the territory that today belongs to Iraq and although many of the findings found are not far from other ancient civilizations (tablets, engravings, hieroglyphics), there are certain findings that make us believe that the world, as we know it, would not have been possible without the Sumerian contributions.

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Beginning with the discovery that the Sumerians evolved in their writing, moving from hieroglyphics to cuneiform writing without any evidence of any influence. This is different in other civilizations that have adopted this type of writing.

However, the most curious fact about this is that the Sumerians used this way of writing to do practices that we do today on a daily basis: sending letters, writing stories, doing calculations, among others. Another curious fact is that archaeologists do not find any relation with other languages of ancient civilizations, making it a unique language. Which shows how far ahead of their time they were.

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Astronomy and the mathematics of Sumerians
However, what has most surprised the experts, and what makes them worthy of being considered the civilization that sowed the seeds of modern civilizations, was the astronomical and mathematical knowledge that was found in the remains of the city. The Sumerians were able to recreate a solar system as we know it today thanks to complex mathematical calculations. This also led them to build structures so complex that they were not comparable to any civilization of the time.

Who were the Sumerians really? A civilization wrapped in mysteries and enigmas that still have no clear answers today.