The most feared gods of ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt and its most terrifying gods
During the studies and investigations carried out in ancient Egypt, it was possible to collect not only the remains of some of the most famous Pharaohs of that time, but also writings that told in detail the ways of life of Egyptian civilizations, but we know the names of some of the gods of that mysterious territory, for example, Ra, Seth, Anubis, Osiris, Apophis, etc.. But what would happen if we mentioned to you that there are more gods in Egypt?

There are at least 10 Egyptian gods that have been forgotten, but the fact that few people mention them does not mean that they are any less frightening than they really are. One of the best examples of these allegations is Mafdet, goddess of justice and executions, was depicted as a cat or as a woman with a cat head. He usually appeared in front of poisonous animals to save them from imminent death, or you could just see a black cat with green eyes in front of people who were going to die.

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Ammyt and Shesmu, gods of blood in ancient Egypt
Ammy was known as the goddess who devoured the dead. It is said that he waited for lost souls and took them as his daily appetizer, was feared because his appearance was of a three-part demon: Crocodile, hippopotamus and lion. The gods considered that people were impure when they weighed the heart of the deceased on a scale along with the feathers of the goddess Maat, if the organ weighed more than the feathers, Ammyt appeared.

Shesmu instead was the god of blood and wine, in fact, he annihilated his victims and placed his head in an artifact to prepare wine and everything extracted from the remains was consumed like wine. On the other hand, we also find Babi, an underworld god who ate the entrails of people who did not do well in life. Ahti was vindictive and anyone who offended her died.