The life of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and their absolute power


In ancient Egypt, priests were what became the most privileged after Pharaoh and nobility, scribes, architects and doctors also enjoyed many benefits as well as skilled craftsmen.

Attributes and way of life of the monarchs of ancient Egypt
Peasants and workers were on the low end of Egyptian society, although servants and slaves were in an even lower position. Others did not have social status, were men in the armed forces or artists, and in general all these professions were inherited from father to son.

But luxury and glamour accompanied the men and women of ancient Egypt, drinks were the most popular beer, although everyone who belonged to the upper echelons could afford to drink the finest wines but in general everyone loved to drink.

The things that set them apart from the rest were their houses, which were far removed from those modest houses built of straw, palm leaves, rudimentary bricks that could not withstand the strong winds and sand. The houses of the rich, on the other hand, were made of adobe bricks with the best finishes, the furniture was made of the best wood, bearing in mind that this material was expensive because it was imported from other places. The wooden beds were also characterized by having a headrest.

Other luxuries enjoyed by the high society of ancient Egypt were the fine golden brown carpets of Persia, jewelry, sculptures, pieces of ebony, ivory and of course precious stones and gold ornaments that caused the envy of all. In addition to having this property the wealthy used to have stone plots outside the city, where they had spaces for a vegetable garden and vineyards, while those who had few resources could gather outside the city for a certain job.

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Big wigs that were made of human hair that they used in important festivals and cults became a fashion. There was also a variety of headdresses of different designs and on top of these you could wear small glasses full of perfume to give it more elegance.

Daily life of the Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt
Other important aspects of the illustrious of ancient Egypt were love and sex life; women had more freedom compared to other cultures such as Mesopotamia and mature men could marry very young women as well as marriage between relatives and even brothers as in the case of several pharaohs.

The Egyptians’ sex life according to the erotic papyrus of Turin were quite adventurous and very daring and they were also fanatics of belly dancing and were also great romantics since they had a large collection of poetry. There are some who committed adultery, one of the great offenses which should be punished as exile and death.

When the pharaoh wakes up, he reads letters brought to him by the secretary and dictates answers, then he bathes him, and dresses him in fine cloth clothes and royal insignia. Later he waits for the visit of the Vizier to inform him about the most important businesses of the whole empire.

Without a doubt, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt made history for their life of great value considered as gods of the earth.

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