The disappearance of Nefertititi, one of the mysteries of ancient Egypt, was a pharaonic trap


The disappearance of Nefertititi, queen of ancient Egypt
Nefertititi was one of the most remembered queens of ancient Egypt so far, not only for her beauty, but for all the artistic representations of her, her husband and her family. Now, 14 years after the reign of Akhenaten, Nefertititi’s husband, it disappears without a trace and becomes one of the many mysteries hidden in ancient Egypt. Even after almost 4,000 years no record of what happened to him has been found, much less the remains of his body.

Nefertititi was considered a daughter of the gods, more beautiful than Cleopatra and one of the most influential rulers of ancient Egypt, perhaps for that reason Pharaoh’s advisors devised a plan to get her out of the way and make Tutankhamen, Akhenaten’s first son, reign Egypt. It is said that Nefertititi was abducted and subsequently killed to leave the throne once and for all, so that her stepson could have the free kingdom and rule as he wished, but was that really the course of things?

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Nefertititi could change his name and reign over ancient Egypt as a man.
According to studies on the mummies found and research on the texts, Nefertiti and Akhenaten were brothers, so Tutankhamun was not Nefertititi’s stepson, he was really his son. Now, far from the theory that the queen was killed for her son to rule Egypt, experts stipulate that she changed her name and appearance to a male one, so that she could be “the Pharaoh” and follow the rules of the reign.

This could explain why Nefertititi’s body was never found, since perhaps the ancient Egyptians did not know that their ruler was in fact a woman and the scientists were too focused on looking for a woman’s tomb with her name and not with that of Neferneferuton, the supposed name she adopted after her husband’s death.