Sumerian The First of the Mesopotamian Civilizations

Sumeria La Primera De Las Civilizaciones Mesopótamicas

Located in what is now the southern part of the Iraqi republic, it is said that it was one of the first civilizations in the world to be combined with the civilization of the Indo-Valley and ancient Egypt. 4,000 years before Christ, the Sumerians as a civilization were organized, when they reached the third millennium before the birth of Christ, a strong cultural exchange took place between the Sumerian population that spoke their own language and the so-called Acadians.

The Sumerians and Akkadians influenced each other and shared their language on a large scale. All this cultural mix led the experts to unify a term to refer to these two cultures and called them Sprachbund. The Sumerian civilization was completely dominated by the Acadian empire approximately 2270 years before Christ, but the language of the Sumerians was adopted as the sacred language.

Sumerian, ancient civilization, scholar of the stars
This ancient civilization was able to develop complex mathematical studies, they were able to establish patterns of the movement of stars and planets. Thus anticipating the future and making premonitions of events that would come later.

According to his studies all the planets corresponded to deities like Venus and Jupiter. Based on his theories, the earth was the center of the universe and stood still, and it was the other planets that rotated around it.

Archaeologists who studied this civilization were amazed to discover a tablet on which is observed an image that is presumed to be of the solar system.  In this tablet you can see a King star, with other planets located around it.

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What makes this discovery all the more astonishing is that these planets coincide almost entirely and proportionally with the stars of our solar system in terms of their location around the sun.

What mysteries does Sumerian civilization keep?
The Sumerians were able to accumulate knowledge that they perpetuated through thousands of clay tablets where they left historical records of the origins and evolution of their civilization.

Most of the Sumerian tablets have been translated on multiple occasions, the last and most controversial being the translation by the pseudo-scientist and writer Zecharia Sitchin, editor of many books and promoter of the theory of “the ancient astronauts”, which explains the origin of humanity from extraterrestrials, and who says that the Sumerian civilization was created by extraterrestrial beings called Anunnaki or Nefilim from a planet named Nibiru supposedly located in our solar system.

All his theories have been discredited by archaeologists, scientists and historians who do not agree either with the translation of the ancient tablets or with Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretation of phenomena typical of physics.

In these theories he states that the planet Nibiru approaches the solar system as we know it today every 3600 years. and from this planet come the Annunaki beings whom the Sumerian civilization considered its gods and from whom they believed humanity had its origin.