Sumerian A Mysterious City That Hides A Great Secret!

Sumeria la ciudad Mesopotamia más misteriosa de la Edad Antigua


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The ancient city of Sumer, an ancient region of the Middle East that belonged to the southern part of ancient Mesopotamia, has been an enigma for many years, as relics and objects from a surprising past have been found within its cities.

The Summary City is a figure as the first civilization in history itself, in addition to being the first to develop a writing as such and being scholars of the heavens, they managed to interpret the meaning of the constellations we know today. They were also able to build structures that compare to Egyptian temples in a land where metal and stones were not considered abundant.

So, how did they do it? What’s their secret?

There are many theories that revolve around this ancient civilization. The Sumerians were the first civilization to use complex mathematical calculations to define the motion of the planets and stars, based on which to determine the future and predict upcoming events.

Such was his knowledge that archaeologists managed to find a tablet in one of his cities where a solar system similar to what we know today was engraved.

But the surprising thing is that the Sumerians did not have the tools to know what a solar system looked like, at least not like the current civilizations that needed telescopes to observe what the planets looked like, so how is that possible?

The translations of the Sumerian tablets.
Zecharia Sitchin is a translator who has given an interpretation to the tablets found in Sumerian cities, creating a great controversy by translating a specific one, the one that speaks about the origin of their civilization.

Sitchin claims that the Sumerians themselves recorded that the origin of humanity was the responsibility of genetic engineering of alien beings.

In addition, it also speaks of the existence of the Annunaki, beings who come from a planate called Nibiru that approaches our solar system every 3600 years. In this part, he affirms that the Annunaki were reptilian beings whom the Sumerians consider Gods who had created the human race to enslave them in the future.

It should be noted that these half reptilian beings are represented in many tablets and sculptures as the top of their social hierarchy.

As you can imagine, this theory has turned many historians, ufologists and scientists upside down, creating different theories surrounding this strange but fascinating civilization that could give a new origin to the human race.