Sumer and its close connection to astronomy


Astronomy was very well managed by the Sumerian community.
The Sumerians are considered to be the first to know about writing, metallurgy, but above all, about astronomy, and it is no surprise that the data collected on that ancient civilization make us think that they were extremely wise, peaceful people with a truly particular culture. Their knowledge of the sky made them the first people to know about the existence of other planets, stars and satellites, including the moon, Jupiter, the earth and the sun.

Their observation of the sky during the nights gave them great knowledge about the rotation of the planets in the solar system and although they could only learn about the existence of the bodies mentioned above, it is believed that they also knew that there were other planets revolving around the earth, because for them, the earth was a static body and all other stellar objects revolved around it.

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Sumeria knew the location of the planets from her knowledge of astronomy.
astronomy of the sumerians

In one of the many images created by the Sumerians one can see an apparent star in the midst of many spheres, 9 specifically and scientists began to develop the theory that they actually knew about the other planets found in our solar system, only that they did not capture it correctly in any of their manuscripts. However, the image can be seen from different points of view and conclude other types of situations.

For the experts, it is impossible that the Sumerians could see Neptune, Uranus or Pluto without a special machine, because with the mere observation of the sky it is not possible to see the planets further away from ours. For this reason, some conspirators mentioned that beings from another world helped the Sumerian community to discover everything related to astronomy. Research and comparisons are still ongoing, so we will soon be able to discover more about the knowledge of the Sumerians.