Scientists try to deny that Pyramids were built with extraterrestrial help and fail to do so.


How were the pyramids of Egypt really built? Alien intervention?
The constant campaigns of the organizations financed by the government and the sects that seek to achieve the true alien power hidden in the earth, continue to make the world believe that the human race with its scarce resources of the time, was able to build the pyramids of Egypt. However, the new evidence presented by scientists subsidized by Illuminati and Masons has neither head nor feet to support with at least a little logic what it is about to explain.

The supposed means of transport used by Egyptian slaves to transport the materials of the pyramids
We speak specifically of the movement of stones, which according to official history, were made hundreds of kilometers north of the Nile and then transported by slaves to the place where the pyramids were built. According to the new theory that fails to deny what everyone already knows, that the pyramids were built by extraterrestrials, it was the water, the perfect conductor for the heavy giant rocks to cross an important region of the Egyptian desert to reach their destination.

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An absurdity that the world’s physicists and geographers immediately took as a total mockery of the basic principles of the behavior of materials such as sand and water.

It is more than clear that the means of transport used by the Egyptians do not correspond to the era in which they were located and less so with the energy and power resources needed to move around such intricate places to solve situations like these. While the Egyptian empire lasted thousands of years, it was not long enough or supreme in intelligence to develop mobilization techniques as elaborate as those required to build these pyramidal palaces.

The “expert” scientists claim that the water was poured under the sleds on which the stones and statues were carried to “soften” the sand and save up to half the force required. However, not even 10,000 men would have been able to move that sled even with the water softening half the work, as they were too heavy.