Sacred tomb of ancient Egypt found in Alexandria

Sacred tomb of ancient Egypt found in Alexandria


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Ancient Egypt remains a great mystery
From the pyramids of Egypt to the mummies found in the last century, they are part of an endless series of studies by archaeologists, Egyptologists and scientists to discover all the mysteries and the way in which people lived in ancient Egypt. It has not been easy to find the treasures located in the necropolis and it is not very easy to translate the manuscripts found in the vicinity of the tombs either, perhaps this is the main reason why researchers are continuing their studies in Egypt.

There are tombs whose origin has not been discovered and there are bodies of Egyptian pharaohs and princesses that have not been found, for example, the body of Nefertititi and the mummy of Tutankhamun, because when opening his tomb, only his treasures were found and not the remains of the young Pharaoh. Recently an archaeological find has generated a stir throughout Egypt, as it is not an ordinary necropolis, but a granite coffin with the statue of the deceased and an image of Osiris at the head.

Tomb of ancient Egypt belongs to the royal family
The strange thing about all this is that it has no inscription that can give any clue as to who it is, however, experts say it is a royal family character, as the quality of the coffin, the statue with the disfigured face of the mummy and the image of Osiris near the tomb reveal that he was a person of great importance to ancient Egypt. Some think that it may be the necropolis of Nefertititi and if that is true, it would mark the life of the person who discovered this fact and put an end to the mystery about the remains of this ancient figure.

Now the experts are wondering why they buried this person in this area of Alexandria and not in the pyramids or in the strategic resting places for the Pharaoh’s family. Maybe this person didn’t want to be found.